Frequently Asked Parking Questions

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  • General
    What does Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3 mean?

    Our parking has been broken down into 3 zones for parking access. Zone 1 provides up close parking next to buildings. Zone 2 lots are in walking distance to campus buildings. Zone 3 provides parking to remote buildings, with an extended walk to campus.

    I am handicapped, can I just park on campus with my handicap placard?

    Call or email us for an ADA ePermit upon verification.

    Is there any free parking?

    No, registration and payment is required at all times.

    I have an ePermit, can I park in the parking garage for free?

    No, check out our parking garage webpage for parking options.

    Is there free parking after 5:00pm or on the weekends?

    No, off-peak hours are in effect.

    Can I pay with cash for an ePermit?

    The Cashier's Office accepts cash for students, faculty, and staff once your charges transfer to your MySam account. Our office only accepts credit cards through the parking portal.

    What is a one-time transfer to MySam?

    All charges for permits or citations are transferred to your MySam account for payment. After which, your parking portal account will show a zero balance. Payments are handled by the Cashier's Office.

    I received notice of a citation but my parking portal shows a $0.00 balance, do I owe anything?

    Yes, it has been transferred to your MySam account.

    I classify as a Faculty/Staff member or a student but I am only visiting the campus, do I need to create a visitor's account?

    No, use your SHSU username and password to access our parking portal. If you decide to use Pay By Hour, you will need to create an account in the ParkMobile application. When utilizing the parking garage, kiosks do not require an account.

    Where are the Pay By Hour spaces located?

    Marked with signage within Zone 1, any surface space in Zone 2 or Zone 3. Refer to or use the ParkMobile app to locate the nearest space to you.

    The PC watched me get out of my car, why didn't they say I couldn't park there?

    Parking enforcers are not responsible for verifying your parking permission as you park your car. It is your responsibility to check your permission and look for the appropriate parking before you get to campus.

    Why is payment required for parking?

    Keep in mind that Parking and Transportation does not receive funds from the state or the university. Our funding comes from ePermits, fines, and fees from those that choose to park on campus.

    How does the parking garage work?

    Visit our parking garage page.

  • Vehicle Registration
    Where do I register my vehicle?

    We recommend registering online via your parking account at For Pay By Hour parking, register through the ParkMobile application. For garage parking, kiosks are available for registration and payment.

    Do I need to purchase a visitor's ePermit for a car I am only using temporarily?

    License plates can be changed at any time through your account. Add the vehicle as a standard vehicle and delete the vehicle once you have completed use of the vehicle. Forgetting to remove the vehicle can link all citations related to that vehicle to your account.

    What happens if I forget to update my plates, but I have an ePermit?

    The unregistered vehicle will be cited as “Parked without a valid ePermit”. If you contact our office, we may reduce your citation to “Vehicle not registered with valid ePermit”. Click here for more information

    How can I register my vehicle when it only has paper plates?

    Add the vehicle by using the paper temporary tag number as the license plate number. Once you receive your actual license plates, remove the vehicle and add the vehicle again with the new license plate.

    What do I do if it says the vehicle is already registered and it will not let me add it to my account?

    Call us at 936.294.1800 so that we can determine which account it is under.

  • ePermits
    How can I get a map of the parking lots to show me where my permit allows me to park?

    Visit for an interactive Google map. You can narrow down the information by using the filter feature. Feel free to come by our office and pick up a printed map.

    What is a Pay By Hour ePermit?

    Pay By Hour ePermits provide electronic parking permission for selected hours or day in a designated areas or space. Visit our Pay By Hour for pricing and steps.

    I have a motorcycle and a car. Do I need two permits?

    No, you may have 2 license plates registered to your parking account. Only one vehicle can be parked on campus at a time. Cars are not eligible for motorcycle only ePermits.

    Can I have a resident's ePermit and a Zone 2 ePermit?

    No. Only campus residents are eligible for residential ePermits. Residents are not eligible for Zone 2 ePermits.

    What is a Special permit?

    If you are unable to walk far distances but are not classified as handicapped through the state of Texas, our office can grant you a special permission if you can provide a note from your doctor. The note will need to be on official letterhead from the doctor's office, state the reason why you need to park closer, and for how long you need to park closer. The letter must provide a specific end date which will be used for the expiration date for the special permit. The permission can only be added to a Zone 2 or Residential parking ePermit. If you only have a Zone 3 parking permit, you will have to upgrade your permit. The permit will allow you to park in all zones on campus. It will not allow you to park in handicap spaces or reserved spaces, and If you choose to park in a pay-by-hour space or the garage you still will need to pay to park.

    I have a handicap placard. What do I need to do to get a mobility permit?

    Provide us a copy of your handicap placard and driver's license through email or in-person. Then, we will provide you either ADA permissions or an ADA ePermit.

  • Citations and Appeals
    How long do I have to pay for my citations?

    10 calendar days after issuance.

    What do the yellow and orange stickers mean?

    Yellow violation stickers are issued for unregistered vehicle that have been cited multiple times. Orange tow stickers are issued for vehicle eligible for tow for multiple violations. See citations for more information.

    Where do I pay for citations?

    Students, faculty, and staff pay their citations with their MySam account or with the Cashier's Office. Visitors can pay their citations here.

    Where do I appeal citations?

    Appeals are handled through our parking portal. For visitors only, we accept appeals through email at See citations for more information.

    If I do not approve of the initial appeal judgement, is there anything I can do?

    If you do not agree with the decision of the appeals officer, you may make a final appeal to the appeals panel made up of faculty, staff, and students. You must pay the fine and resubmit the appeal through email at See citations for more information.

    I had to park in a zone I don't have a ePermit for to pick something up/drop something off, why was I cited?

    When occupying a parking space on campus, you must register and pay for parking at all times.

  • Waitlists
    What is the purpose of waitlists?

    Waitlists prioritize parking request of controlled areas. The order of priority is based on the following identifying factors:

    1. Executive Level Administrators through Assistant Director Faculty and Staff Members
    2. Faculty/Staff members are based on Date of Hire
    3. Resident Students based on Classification (Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Freshman)
    4. Graduate Level Students based on Classification
    5. Undergraduate Students based on Classification (Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Freshman)

    Waitlists are first come, first serve after prioritizing.

    Will I have to register with a waitlist every year?

    Once you've been awarded a controlled permit, you will not need to register for a waitlist unless you would like to change your permit designation. Keep in mind that you still have to purchase your permit every year.

  • Resident Parking
    I went to my parking account but did not see an option for a resident parking ePermit. How can I get a resident parking ePermit?

    Only students assigned dormitory housing can purchase a resident ePermit. For any issues, please call our office at 936.294.1800.

    Where can I park with my resident parking ePermit?

    Residential ePermits allow for parking within the designated zone, zone 3 and overflow lot. During off-peak hours, you may park in zone 1 and zone 2.

  • Visitor Parking
    If I am coming for a campus tour, where do I get an ePermit?

    If you are registered for a campus tour or event through Visitor Services (i.e. Saturday@SAM) you will receive event-specific parking information from that department. All other campus visitors may use Pay By Hour parking.

    If I am a visitor, do I need a parking ePermit?

    Visitors must register and pay for parking. See our visitor’s page for parking options.

    How does a SHSU department pay for a visitor's ePermit?

    Add your visitor’s vehicle to your departmental parking account.

  • Smartphone Applications
    What happens if the SHSU Parking App is not working?

    The SHSU Parking App is no longer maintained. We currently use the ParkMobile app.

    How do I pay for parking when I use the App?

    Check out our Pay By Hour page for help.

    I get an error when I try to log in. What do I do?

    Contact ParkMobile for help with the app. For help issuing an ePermit, call our office at 936.294.1800.

    I can’t add my vehicle. It says it’s already on an account.

    Call our office at 936.294.1800, so we can see what account your vehicle is under.

  • Events
    What is an Event Request Form?

    This form enable event hosts to request parking arrangements. For more information visit our event webpage.

    How do I reserve a parking lot or the garage for an event?

    Complete a Request Event Parking Form.

    How far in advance do I need to coordinate an event with Parking and Transportation?

    At least 2 weeks prior to your event.

    How do we pay for parking for our event?

    SHSU departments may use the University’s Interdepartmental Order Form. Hosts that are not a department of SHSU may pay via check or accepted credit card payment.

  • Kiosks
    Where are parking kiosks located in the Sam Houston parking garage?

    Kiosks can be found at the bottom of each staircase, the ground level and level one. The ground level kiosk is located farthest away from Ave I, while on level one a kiosk is located to the left of the entry.

    Where are parking the kiosk located in the Coliseum parking garage?

    There is only one kiosk in the Coliseum parking garage, located on the first floor by the elevator.

    What if I overpay at the kiosk?

    If you plan to leave before your prepaid time expires, any overpayment is forfeited.

    What happens if I enter in the wrong license plate?

    Call our office to correct the plate.

    What do I do if the kiosk isn't working or the line is too long?

    You can try the other kiosk or use the ParkMobile app. Please alert us of any malfunctions with a kiosk at 936.294.1800.

  • Departmental Access
    What does departmental access mean?

    A member of your SHSU department can issue ePermits to employees or visitors. The department pays for any ePermits issued.

    How can our department get departmental access to issue parking ePermits?

    Someone from the SHSU Department must fill out the Departmental User Access request Form which is located on our website.

    How long does it take to be assigned departmental access?

    Please allow our office up to 48 hours to grant a user departmental access.

  • Remote Campuses
    Do I need an ePermit for the Woodlands Campus?

    Yes, Woodlands Campus ePermits are free and available online at This permit is only valid at The Woodlands Campus.

    Do I need an ePermit for the University Plaza, located at 1 Financial Plaza, Huntsville, TX 77320?

    Yes. You'll need an ePermit with Zone 3 permissions or pay by hour with the ParkMobile app (Zone 1830).

    ePermit Details Pay By Hour
    Do I need an ePermit for the College of Osteopathic Medicine, 925 City Central Ave, Conroe, TX 77301?

    Yes. You'll need an to purchase the Osteopathic Medicine ePermit or pay by hour with the ParkMobile app (Zone 1810).

    ePermit Details Pay By Hour