Departments are encouraged to help their guests and employees navigate parking.

Host Guests

Departments may host individuals, events, or vendor/contractors. Each vehicle on campus must be registered and granted parking permissions. Departments will need to help their guests with parking prior to their arrival.


Departments may purchase parking for guests through the parking portal, with departmental access. Departmental access is an additional tab in the parking portal that you'll need to request.

Request Access


Departments can reserve parking spaces for their guests. These spaces may be paid by the hosting department or guests.

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Departments will need to request parking permissions for vendor and contractors that they hire.

Request Parking

Grant Business Use Day Pass

Departments may grant a departmental business day pass to an employee using their personal vehicle for official university business. Department staff should consider alternatives to driving on campus for attendance to meetings and for completing small errands. A departmental business use day pass should be used in circumstances where large deliveries or unloading are necessary or when the distance or circumstances surrounding travel warrant the use of the ePermit. Employees that are issued a departmental business day pass should have a purchased an ePermit prior to issuance.

Drive Service Vehicles

Departments with service vehicles do not need to purchase parking. All Sam Houston branded service vehicles are allowed to park in any surface lot pay by hour space, authorized university vehicle space, yellow zones and in extreme cases, red zones. All service vehicles should park in a manner that does not prohibit the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Service vehicles will be cited for blocking or occupying any ADA space, unless the closure of the space was approved for a particular construction project or scope of work for the university.

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