Reserve event parking 2 weeks before your event.

Whether your event is university sponsored, department related, or unaffiliated with campus activities, we'll help secure parking for your guest. Check out our parking options, then complete the Request Event Parking form.

Request Event Parking Form


Host Rate Guest Rate
Non-Designated 6.00 8.75
Non-Designated Max (Peak Hours) 1350.00
Non-Designated Max (Off-Peak Hours) 700.00
Reserved Space ( < 20 ) 7.00

Surface Lot

Host Rate Guest Rate
Non-Designated 4.00 5.00
Non-Designated Max (Peak Hours) 600.00
Non-Designated Max (Off-Peak Hours) 350.00
Reserved ( < 20 ) 5.00

Need a Parking Attendant?

Parking attendants help make your event go smoother! Parking attendant maximum total includes monitoring of entry/exits of a surface lot or structure upon first 2 hours of an event. After that time, normal parking operations will resume in that area. If further monitoring is requested for the event, the hourly rate for a parking attendant will be used for billing purposes.

Time Rate
Each Hour $10.50
Max $65.00

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