Citations are electronic and will be emailed to the associated email address with photographs of the vehicle in violation. Vehicles without an associated email will see a sticker on the driver's window on the second violation.


Parked in unauthorized ePermit zone.

Parked on or across marker lines.

Parked in a No Parking (Yellow) Zone.

Parked in an undesignated area.

License Plate Improperly Displayed

Starts at $30

Citation will increase with repeated offenses.

$35, $40, $45, $50

Vehicle not registered with valid ePermit.


Parked without a valid or shared ePermit.


Parked in a reserved space.


Parked over posted or paid time limit.

Improper manner of parking.


Possession of, attempted use, or use of altered decal or license plate.

Parked in a Fire Zone (Red Zone).


Standing or parked in a Handicap Zone, without an accessibility hangtag or license plate.


If your vehicle is not registered and parked without a permit, you may receive 2 citations.


Students, Faculty, Staff

Citation fees will transfer to your MySam account, then reflect a $0 balance within the parking portal. Payments can be made online through your MySam account or in-person at the Cashier's office. Payments or waives may take a few business days to remove any holds from your account.



Visitors or unaffiliated parties who receive a parking citation may pay for a citation using any major credit card through the Parking Portal. Our office does not take cash.

Pay Now

Need Forgiveness?

First Citation

We'll waive your first citation of $30 or less if you pass the forgiveness quiz. You must ask forgiveness within 10 calendar days of being issued a citation and pass with a 70 or higher to be granted forgiveness. Only one ticket will be forgiven per account and/or license plate. The citation cannot have previously been appealed or reduced. Vehicles not registered prior to issuance are not eligible.

Take Forgiveness Quiz

No‐Permit Citation

We’ll waive or reduce up to 2 no-permit citations with the purchase of an annual ePermit. Prorates do not apply.


Failure to Pay

Upon notice, violators may be subject to the impoundment of their vehicle(s) pending payment of overdue charges. Also, violators cannot renew or purchase a permit if you owe the University due to unpaid parking citations.

Students may be barred from registration, re-admission, and have grades, degree, refunds, or official transcripts withheld pending payment of overdue charges.


If you believe your parking citation was issued a technical error, you may submit an appeal within 10 calendar days of receiving a citation.


Students, faculty, and staff may use the parking portal to submit an appeal. Visitors can appeal through email at


The appeals officer will read the appeal, review the information on the citation, review the Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations that are relevant to the appeal, review area maps or digital photographs of signs in the area, then make a decision on the appeal. The decision of the appeals officer is based on the type of violation, any previous tickets, area signage, existing parking permit, and your reason for appeal.


The appeals officer may decide to reduce the amount of the citation, waive the citation as a warning, void as not valid, or deny the appeal.

Don't Agree?

You can make a final appeal to the appeals panel, consisting of faculty, staff, and students. In order to resubmit, the citation fee must be paid as bond. Then, you will send an email within 5 days of the appeal decision to The appeals panel may reduce, waive, void, or deny the final appeal.