Our office takes the extra step to verify ADA credentials to preserve the integrity of ADA spaces on campus. Before utilizing a handicap space, you must provide proof of eligibility. We have a zero tolerance stance on abuse of any kind with the use of ADA credentials. ADA credentials are verified each school year.

Eligibility. Only the person in which the ADA placard, ADA license plate, or DV plate is registered to can utilize a disabled space on campus. Disabled Veteran license plates feature "DV" as part of the license plate number. DV-designated plates provide the same parking rights and privileges as a plate with the International Symbol of Access. Disabled Veterans do not have to pay to park in surface lots. Only the Disabled Veteran can utilize these parking rights.

Proof of Eligibility

The placard or ADA license plate, and the State ID Card or Driver's License of the requestor must be submitted via e-mail or in person to our office for approval. For Disabled Veterans, proof of eligibility may be provided with signed approval by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on Form VTR-615, or a letter from Veterans Affairs stating eligibility. If you choose to email, be sure to password protect your file and call us with the password.

Email 820 Bowers Blvd

Paying for Parking

Once you've provided proof of eligibility, you may purchase an ADA annual epermit or pay by hour with the ParkMobile app to park in any handicap space.

Annual ePermits Pay By Hour

Have a Temporary Injury or Illness?

Special ePermits are available to students who must park close due to a temporary injury or illness. Temporary special permits are not authorized to park in any area designated disabled spaces, but are allowed to park in Zone 1 for the a specified time period. Call our office for more details.