Connecting to the Internet

Connecting to the internet in your residence hall is a short and simple process for most devices.  There are only a couple of limitations to be aware of.  XBOX devices must be connected via Ethernet cable to the port provided in your room, and routers are NOT supported.

Select the connection method for your device below for instruction.

  • Connecting via Wired Connection

    To access the SHSU network on a personal computer using a hardwire, such as a cat 5 cable, you simply need to open your internet browser and go to  You will be presented with the terms and conditions for using our network and then asked to enter your SHSU username and password. 

    If you are attempting to connect any other device you will need to do a manual registration.  The manual registration process will require that you know your device’s MAC address.  Go to to complete this process.  Instructions for locating the MAC address for several game console devices are provided in other tutorials that you can access in the menu to the right.

  • Connecting via WiFi

    We provide WiFi access to all of our residence halls, so you do not need to bring your own router.  Connecting to our WiFi network is a straightforward process.  All you need to do is turn on your device’s WiFi connectivity and locate either “samnet” or “samnet-guest”.  Both of these networks connect to the same, but allow for different ways to connect depending on your device’s compatibility.  The easiest way of doing this is connect to samnet if you are on a phone, tablet or personal computer.  If you are using a smart TV, compatible gaming console or another device, then use samnet-guest. 

    The samnet network will require that you enter your school computer account username and password to get access to the network.  The samnet-guest network does not require authentication to connect to the network, but will immediately require you to enter your school computer account username and password via a browser-based authentication process before getting access to anything.  Alternatively, on the samnet-guest network, you can select guest for limited access.