Connecting a Streaming Device

Supported Streaming Devices 

Amazon Fire Stick 

  1. Turn on Fire Stick
  2. Connect to “Samnet-Guest” Wireless
  3. Sign-in using your SHSU credentials

Google Chromecast 

  1. Must use the Ethernet Adapter for the Chromecast

  1. Set the Chromecast to use Guest Mode for control
  2. Browse to
  3. Register the Ethernet Adapter manually, the MAC address can be found on the right hand side of the box on a little white sticker with a barcode.
  4. Connect a network cable to the ethernet port on the side of the power adapter to provide network connection to the Chromecast.


  1. Use the Roku “Hotel and Dorm Connect” feature to login to “Samnet-Guest” Wireless via a smartphone or laptop/tablet.