Live Events - Schedule & Invite

When it is determined a Live event is desired, the organizer will need to create the event in Teams and include others from the event group. Once the event is scheduled, a link will be provided for attendees to use the join the event. To schedule the event and invite others, view the instructions below.

  • Schedule Event (Organizer)

    To schedule the Live event, open Teams,

    1. Select Calendar from the option on the left side of the screen.
    2. Select the drop-down arrow by New meeting.
    3. Select Live event.

    Select Schedule New Live Event

    On the New Live event invitation,

    1. Enter the Title of the Live evet.
    2. Invite people to the event group. This includes other producers and presenters.
    3. Add the Location of the Live event.
    4. Add the Date and Time for the Live event.
    5. Add a Description for the Live event if desired.
    6. Select Next

    Live Event Details 1

    In the event details, review and update the settings if needed.

    1. Live event permissions – who can view the event.
    2. How will you produce your live event? – Team or an external encoder (this tutorial is using Teams)
    3. Event options – will the recording be available to attendees, attendee engagement report, will there be question and answers during the Live event.
    4. Click Schedule when done.

    Live Event Details 2

    Live Event Details 3

    The event is now scheduled. Select Close to close the event details dialogue.

    Live Event Created

    Once the event is scheduled, it will be on your calendar.

  • Invite for Presenter(s)

    Once the Organizer scheduled the event, the presenter(s) will get an invite to the event via email.


  • Invite Attendees

    Once the event is scheduled, you can invite people by viewing your Calendar in Teams and selecting the event in the calendar.

    Select Event in Calendar

    Then, select Get attendee link from the invite and paste the link in social media, website, email, etc.

    Select Get Attendee Link