Live Events - Event Production

When it is time for the Live event, the producer, presenter and attendees all have different experiences. To view the experience for each, review the instructions below.

  • Start Event (Producer)

    To start the event, the producer needs to open Teams,

    1. Select Calendar on the left side of the screen.
    2. Open the Event calendar item by double clicking the event on the calendar.

    Select Event in Calendar

    On the Event details, select Join to start the event. The meeting has started, but you are not live at this time, but this will allow the producer and presenters to prepare to go live.

    Start Live Event

    Review the details of starting the event and select Join now. You will still not be live for attendees, only for the producer and presenters.

    Join Now

  • Join Event (Presenter)

    When it is time for the event, the presenter can join the event by selecting Join live event in the event invitation.


    On the Join as a presenter options, select Join now.


  • Pre-Live Stage (Presenter)

    Once you select Join now, you are placed into Pre-live stage. Pre-live stage allows the producer to see the presenters that are on the event, as well as preview their content before making it live. Some of the information you can view in Pre-live stage is:

    1. The production stage of the Live event (pre-live, live).
    2. The length of time the Live event has been running.
    3. The number of attendees.
    4. The producer and presenters on the event.
    5. The content the presenters plan to share during the live portion of the event. Click the content to add it to the queue.
    6. The Queue: What the producer is planning to make viewable to the attendees.
    7. Send live: Make the content in the Queue live for attendees.
    8. Live event: What the attendees are viewing once the event is live.
    9. Start: Click to go live to attendees.

    Pre Live Stage Options

    A message asking to confirm going Live will display. Select Continue.

    Confirm to go Live

  • Pre-Live Stage (Presenter)

    Once the presenter joins the event, they will be in Pre-live stage. They can then share their screen by selecting the Share button with the information they are presenting.


  • Live Stage (Producer)

    The Live event portion will now be live for attendees.

    Live Stage Options

  • Join Event (Attendee)

    An attendee can click the link published by the producer to join the event. If an attendee joins an event before it has started, a message will display.

    Event Not Started

    Once the event starts, the attendee will be brought into the event.