IT Security

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Information Security: The state of being protected against the unauthorized use of information, especially electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this.

Sam Houston State University’s Information Security Office teaches Awareness is My Armor, to increase engagement and awareness about cybersecurity with our campus partners.

Awareness is My Armor" shows you how to protect yourself against cyberattacks by using this simple creed:


I will SECURE my information.
I will PROTECT my passwords.
I will IGNORE unknown links.
I will REPORT sketchy emails.


Cybersecurity must be practiced all the time. It takes YOU to do your part year-round.

Phishing is still SHSU’s number one cyberthreat. Phishing is the process of sending fake emails to convince the recipient to provide their personal information, such as usernames and bank details. In these emails, they encourage you to reach out to them with your private email, calling them or texting them. It only takes one person to hand over their credentials in one of these attacks to result in a ransomware attack on you and the university. 

We are devoted to ensuring you are armored outside of our technical security protections. The best way to do that is by teaching you cybersecurity awareness. With the above creed and the information security tools we provide; you and your information will be more secure.

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