Awareness Education

Awareness is my armor shield

Cybersecurity Awareness Month - 2024

The month of October is dedicated to cybersecurity awareness. Learning how your actions impact the security of your personal data as well as the university's is the first step in understanding the critical role you play in cybersecurity.

To support the mission of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Information Technology staff will host a series of educational events throughout the month. Stop by Parker Plaza during one of these times to say hi!


  • Coming Soon!

Focus on Password Hygiene

Your password is extremely important in safeguarding your data. We've compiled a list of ways to ensure your password is up to the task!

Use Strong Passwords 💪

  • Use passwords that are 15+ characters in length.
  • Add in numbers, spaces, and mixed case letters.
  • Change your password when you notice suspicious activity on your account.

Use a Password Manager 👍

  • Use your password manager to generate and store random passwords for your accounts.
  • Use different passwords for each site.
  • Enable your account recovery options for your password manager.
  • Learn more about your FREE LastPass account.

Enable Enhanced Security Features 😃

  • Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) wherever you can.
  • Enroll in password recovery for each site/service.
  • Treat security questions like passwords, don't share them!