IT@Sam offers support, and maintenance services for the official SHSU website including access to the content management system, creation of interactive forms, and hosting services. Our content management system, dotCMS, enables you to create and maintain content for these sites. While Integrated Marketing and Communication handles updates for most SHSU website content, we primarily focus on overall site structure, templates, reusable and global elements, we can help you with the following:

Forms. Includes developing, updating and maintaining web page forms for collecting data securely.

Hosting. Includes connecting desired web address to content management system for website creation and maintanence.

Custom PHP Sites. Includes a full spectrum of consulting, design, development, support, and maintenance.

MySam Portal. Includes design, development, and maintenance of overal structure and updating content blocks.

SamWeb. Includes design, development, and maintenance of custom web applications that integrates with our ERP data.

WebCMS Access. Includes granting appropriate access to appropriate content. Some users may only need the ability to edit and not publish.

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