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IT@Sam performs a variety of services to support the lifecycle of softwares and applications used by faculty, staff, and students to meet academic, research, and business needs.

Software Acquisition: Includes assessing new software to ensure capability with existing technology and compliance with accessibility and security standards prior to purchasing.

Software Integrations: Includes connecting softwares together to pass information in real-time or scheduled events.

Software Maintainence: Includes modifying and updating software to keep up with latest technology and expectations.

Software Support: Includes troubleshooting, fixing, and coordinating with vendors to resolve issues.

Custom Applications: Includes designing, developing, and maintaining applications to streamline business processes and provide self-service experiences.


When shopping for or working with software, you may hear these words used.

Desktop: Any software programs that can be run on a standalone computer to perform a specific task by an end-user.

Managed App: Desktop software made available to you on university computers through Software Center for Windows or Self-Service of macOS.

Online Software: Web-based software which runs on internet, requiring a browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and an internet connection.

Cloud-Based Software: Online software that works by assessing data and computing resources over the internet from remote physical servers, databases and computers.

On-Premises Software: Software that works by assessing data and computing resources on the university's network. On-Premise software requires us to purchase and maintain servers, databases, and computers to run the software.

Enterprise (ERP) Software. Software used to satisfy shared needs across campus rather than needs of few individuals or select departments.

SamWeb. A suite of custom applications developed by our teams to meet business needs.

Banner. A suite of administrative applications developed specifically for higher education institutions by Ellucian. Banner maintains student, faculty, course, alumni, financial, financial aid and personnel data.

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