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A Welcome from the Dean

Greetings and welcome to the Graduate and Professional School at Sam Houston State University!

At the Graduate and Professional School, our commitment to your success goes beyond the classroom. We offer an array of support services.  Writing coaching will hone your written communication skills. Whether you need guidance with research papers, theses, or dissertations, we will provide valuable feedback and help you refine your work to its highest standard.

Professional coaching will guide you in developing essential skills for your future career. Coaches are available to help you with everything from crafting a compelling resume to preparing for interviews to setting goals and building self-efficacy.

We also host a regular speaker series that will expose you to diverse perspectives, new research, and inspiring stories, fostering intellectual growth and sparking thought-provoking discussions.

We provide academic travel funds to support your participation in conferences, workshops, and other scholarly events. These opportunities broaden your horizons, allow you to network with professionals in your field, and showcase your research to a wider audience.

Our research funding opportunities enable you to delve deeper into your areas of interest and contribute to the advancement of knowledge as you complete your thesis or dissertation.

Through our scholarship opportunities, we recognize and reward exceptional talent and dedication. These scholarships not only provide financial support but also serve as a testament to your hard work and achievements.

As mentors, faculty and staff are here to guide and support you throughout your academic journey. Their expertise, experience, and commitment to your success will help shape you into a confident and accomplished professional.

As a graduate or professional student, you are invited to utilize the dedicated facilities in the Templeton Building located at 1003 17th Street where we offer a graduate-only computer lab, study area, and lounge area. 

Welcome to the Graduate and Professional School at Sam Houston State University!

Community Statement

At The Graduate School at Sam Houston State University, we believe that building a community of support is important to our graduate students. Our community goes beyond academics to include the development of professional skills and mental and emotional strength. We encourage the discovery of leadership abilities, building relationships with mentors, creating opportunities for future development and much more. We believe that the success begins with academics but only ends with the whole person.

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