Services For Students

Who is eligible for services?

All services of the SHSU Counseling Center are available to students who are currently enrolled on the SHSU main campus. Due to legal and ethical restrictions, counseling services cannot be provided via electronic media or over the phone. For the purposes of eligibility, enrollment in the current semester begins the Monday of the week prior to the start of classes, and ends the Friday of the week following final exams.

We provide time-limited individual and couples counseling, as well as group counseling. Counseling is a process of self- discovery and growth. It is an opportunity where we can learn more about ourselves, our values and our relationships with others. Issues commonly brought to the Counseling Center include, feelings of depression, concerns about relationships, drug and alcohol use, stress anger and anxiety. Students also seek counseling for sexual assault, sexual abuse, identity issues. Sometimes students seek support in dealing with difficult changes and challenges that arise from everyday life.

Services We Are Unable to Provide

  • Long term therapy / treatment
  • Medication management
  • Disability Assessment
  • Chemical Dependency treatment
  • Eating Disorder treatment
  • Court mandated therapy
  • Welfare checks

In an effort to serve as many students as possible, the Counseling Center reserves the right to refer any individuals whose concerns are beyond the ability of this office to effectively treat to a more appropriate treatment provider. If we are unable to offer services to a student, other treatment options and possible referrals will be discussed. The Counseling Center reserves the right to deny treatment to any individual that abuses or misuses services in any manner (e.g., non-compliance with treatment, harassment or abuse of Counseling Center staff). 

Sam Houston Counseling Center

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