C.O.P.E. Workshops

Helping Kats C.O.P.E.

Helping Kats C.O.P.E. is a workshop series that helps students find ways to become more Centered, Optimistic, Productive, and Empowered. Workshops provide quick tips to help attendees learn how to address many concerns, such as low self-esteem, stress, and test anxiety.


Fall 2019 Workshops

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Just want to feel a little better?

Show up for some quick tips! No registration required!

Calm Kats

Learn how to develop a self-care routine & manage stress

  • Tuesday, September 24th from 4pm-5pm (LSC 242)
  • Thursday, November 7th from 1pm-2pm (LSC 242)
  • Wednesday, December 4th from 4pm - 5pm (LSC 242)

Sweet Dreams

Tired of feeling tired? Learn how to improve your sleep!

  • Monday, September 16th from 1pm-2pm (LSC 242)
  • Wednesday, October 16th from 3pm-4pm (LSC 242)
  • Monday, November 11th from 4pm-5pm (LSC 230A)

Building Resilience

Depression & anxiety can happen to anyone. Come learn about common symptoms & effective coping strategies for yourself or for someone you care about.

  • Friday, September 13th from 12pm-1pm (LSC 242)
  • Tuesday, October 22nd from 2pm-3pm (LSC 241B)
  • Wednesday, November 20th from 4pm-5pm (LSC 230A)

Healthy Relationships*

Join us as we discuss your rights in intimate relationships, healthy boundaries, relationship warning signs, & important resources. New topics each week!

Tuesdays from 3pm-4pm

  • LSC 230B: 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29/ 11/12, 11/19, & 12/3
  • LSC 241B: 11/5

Taming Your Temper

Identify what makes you angry & learn tips to regain control.

  • Tuesday, September 10th from 3pm-4pm (LSC 230B)
  • Monday, October 14th from 2pm-3pm (LSC 230A)
  • Monday, November 18th from 1pm-2pm (LSC 242)

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Learn the causes of test anxiety & build skills to reduce it.

  • Monday, October 7th from 12pm-1pm (LSC 230B)
  • Monday, November 4th from 2pm-3pm (LSC 230B)
  • Thursday, December 5th from 4pm-5pm (LSC 230B)

Expressive Arts

Experience the healing power of art.

Artistic talent NOT required! Art supplies provided.

  • Thursday, September 26th from 2pm-3pm (LSC 230A)
  • Thursday, October 31st from 1pm-2pm (LSC 242)

Self-Compassionate Living

Learn ways to develop & practice self-compassion & how to be kinder to yourself.

  • Monday, September 9th from 1pm-2pm (LSC 230B)
  • Thursday, October 10th from 3pm-4pm (LSC 230B)
  • Wednesday, November 13th from 4pm-5pm (LSC 230B)

Mindfulness & Meditation

Take a moment to breath & refocus during this experimental workshop. Prior experience NOT required!

  • Thursday, October 24th from 12pm-1pm (LSC 242)
  • Monday, December 2nd from 12pm-1pm (LSC 242)

Suicide Prevention Training

Learning suicide prevention skills can help save a life!

  • Tuesday, September 17th from 1pm-2pm (LSC 242)
  • Friday, October 18th from 12pm-1pm (LSC 242)
  • Tuesday, November 12th from 2pm-3pm (LSC 241B)

Mindful Movement

Learn to tune into your body through mindful movement & laughing yoga to help reduce stress & increase your energy. All are welcome & no special attire or equipment needed.

  • Wednesday, October 2nd from 12pm-1pm (LSC 230A)
  • Thursday, November 21st from 1pm-2pm (LSC 230A)

Pursuit of Happiness

Just a few tips and activities designed to help you feel a little happier.

  • Tuesday, October 1st from 4pm-5pm (LSC 242)
  • Wednesday, November 6th from 3pm-4pm (LSC 242)

*Hosted by the Montgomery County Women's Center. Some information may be collected for the program.

For more information, contact Dr. Danielle Sirles at (936)294-1720 or dns018@shsu.edu

               Frequently Asked Questions

How are workshops different from traditional individual or group counseling?

  • With traditional forms of counseling, you meet one-on-one or in a small group setting to discuss your concerns. Traditional counseling can last anywhere from a few weeks to several years.
  • Workshops, on the other hand, are actually similar to many of the college classes that you are taking. Participants listen to an interactive presentation given by a therapist. This presentation teaches you practical ways to address many common problems.

How many people will be at the workshop?

  • Workshops typically have 1-2 presenters and up to 25 attendees.

I have a busy schedule. How long are workshops?

  • We know that your schedule is full of important commitments that you need to keep. That's why our workshops only last 1 hour and are offered several times throughout the semester.

I'm nervous about attending a workshop. Am I going to be forced to talk?

  • Given that workshops are similar to classes, you are not required to talk during the presentation. However, students who ask questions and who are actively engaged during the workshop tend to get more out of the experience.

How do I attend a workshop?

  • Just show up! No pre-registration or trip to the Counseling Center is required!
  • Each workshop is conveniently located at the Lowman Student Center (LSC). Specific dates, times, and LSC room numbers are listed on the flyer.

I still have questions about workshops. Who can I talk to?

  • You can contact the Group/Workshop Coordinator, Dr. Danielle Sirles, by email at dns018@shsu.edu. Please remember that e-mail is not an appropriate medium for counseling, nor can privacy/confidentiality be guaranteed through electronic communication.