Dr. Maki Hatanaka

Hatanaka Un

It was my senior college year trip to India and Nepal that exposed me to, and made me seriously ponder, such concepts as “inequality” and “stratification” for the first time. Desire to understand and learn more about “inequality” and “stratification” propelled me to pursue graduate education in Sociology. In many ways, I would say that “doing sociology” is my way of working towards social justice. I received my Ph.D. in Sociology from Michigan State University in 2006.

 My research examines economic globalization and efforts to regulate it in the areas of food, agriculture, and the environment. In particular, my interests focus on forms of non-state governance and the possibilities that they hold for furthering environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Classes Taught: Food and Society, Social Change and Development, Introduction to Ethnic Studies

Research Interests: Food and Agriculture, Sustainability, Governance, Development, and Social Movements

Selected Publications: 

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