Sociology Club

Meet Your 2019-2020 Sociology Club Officers!



Ashley Freydenfeldt

  • Senior
  • Sociology Major
  • Human Services Minor

I am currently in my last semester as an undergraduate at SHSU. During my undergraduate, I chose to study Sociology and Human Services. Through Sociology I have enjoyed learning to appreciate diversity, culture and social change. For the last two years, I have served as the President of the Sociology Club, which has allowed me to connect with students who share a similar interest in the subject.

Vice President


Jayla Perry

  • Senior
  • Biology Major
  • Sociology Minor

I am a senior at SHSU, majoring in Biological Sciences with a minor in Sociology. I have attended SHSU all four years of my academic career. In furthering my academic interests upon graduating from SHSU, I plan on applying to medical school, where I am able to merge my biological and sociological knowledge in practicing medicine. I have been a proud member of SHSU Sociology Club for 2 years and currently am Vice President of the club.  This Organization means so much to me and we strive to bring a sociological spin to our fellow student body at SHSU.


Samantha Rust

Samantha Rust

  • Junior
  • Political Science Major
  • Sociology Minor

Growing up in a very diverse family showed me how different people were and how we all acted differently. This gave me my passion for studying people and groups. As a freshman in my Sociology class, I heard about this club and how they had discussions about sociological topics, and I knew I had to join. Our club is so fun and interesting and I am so glad to be a part of it!


Samantha Rust

Annalisa Vazquez

  • Sophomore
  • Sociology Major
  • Philosophy Minor

I am a junior criminal justice major, and treasurer of the sociology club. After finishing my undergraduate studies, I am considering getting a masters in social work or criminal justice. One of the first classes I took as an incoming freshman was introduction to sociology. After learning about the foundations of sociology, theories behind different social phenomena, and the inequalities that plague our society, I wanted to join a club I felt could grow the sociologist in me!