Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD)

AKD is the International Sociology Honor Society.

The ETA Chapter at Sam Houston was founded in 1958 and serves to encourage academic excellence in Sociology.

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The purpose of Alpha Kappa Delta is to promote human welfare through the association of a fellowship group interested in developing scientific knowledge that may be applied to the solution of social problems.

Membership Requirements for Undergraduates

  • Must be an officially declared sociology major or demonstrate a serious interest in sociology.
  • Must be at least a junior (third year).
  • Overall G.P.A. of 3.3 (4 point scale).
  • A 3.0 G.P.A. in sociology courses.
  • At least four regular courses in sociology prior to initiation (exclusive of extension or courses graded pass/fail).
  • Payment of $50.00 Lifetime Membership fee.

Membership Requirements for Graduates

  • Completion of one half year of graduate study in sociology (i.e., one semester or two quarters or the equivalent academic unit)
  • A graduate G.P.A. of B or better, and continued matriculation in a program of study leading toward a graduate degree in sociology at the host institution.
  • Payment of $50.00 Lifetime Membership fee.

Membership Requirements for Staff

  • Formal conferral of the Ph.D. in Sociology
  • Or employment as a sociologist

For more information, contact
Dr. Jeffrey Gardner.