Undergraduate Program

Major or Minor in Sociology

Why Sociology?

Sociology offers so many different ways to understand how society works, and it helps us to have a greater understanding of why certain things happen in society. A sociology degree provides you with the tools to critically analyze the world and your place within it. You will also learn the practical skills you need to succeed.

A Degree with a Competitive Edge

Employers love what’s called the “sociological advantage.” They value the ability sociology majors have of analyzing interpersonal relationships in relation to the larger world. Sociology majors also possess a valuable foundation in research design, statistics, and sociological concepts.

Two flexible ways to take Sociology courses:

  1. SHSU campus
  2. Online

Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology is committed to high quality instruction and research. Student in the undergraduate program will gain an understanding in the techniques of sociological research, social statistics, sociological theory, and major substantive areas in the field. The primary objective of the department is to provide students with the professional skills to analyze social issues in applied settings. Contact Dr. Douglas Constance, Director of Undergraduate Studies. E-mail: soc_dhc@shsu.edu Phone: (936)294-1514

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