Physics Professor Wilson Authors New Book

Dr. John Wilson, a member of the faculty of the Department of Physics, has recently published a book titled A Physicist Examines Hope in the Resurrection: Examination of the Significance of the Work of John C. Polkinghorne for the Mission of the Church. Wilson focuses on Polkinghorne, who, like Wilson, had a background in both theology and physics. 

In the foreword to the book, Vaughn Baker summarizes the work: 

"Sharing Polkinghorne’s background of both physics and theology, Wilson examines in a critical and yet sympathetic manner the use of divine kenosis as the means by which to understand the relationship between God and world. Here the author addresses the problem for how one would interpret and commend Christian faith in the contemporary world. In doing so, it discusses evangelism in the contemporary world, examines the work of John C. Polkinghorne in religion and science and asks whether Polkinghorne’s work provides insight for evangelism. Second, it examines his contributions to theology and to the religion and science dialogue for evangelism."

The book has been published by Wipf and Stock, of Eugene, Oregon.