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June 27, 2018

Biological Sciences Department Moving Into New Life Sciences Building

The new building will be a four-story building that provides approximately 57,230 assignable square feet (97,049 gross square feet) of new space; which will house General Instruction Space with a 76-seat Lecture Hall, a 30-seat Foundations of Science/Meeting Room and Tutoring/Study areas.

The Teaching Labs will accommodate six 24-seat Upper Level/Graduate Labs, one 18-seat Upper Level Microbiology Lab, three 24-seat Freshman Labs and one 18-seat Pre-Nursing Microbiology Lab.

Additionally, there are nine prep/storage areas in support of the teaching labs, thirty Faculty Research Labs, shared equipment spaces, five shared core facilities in support of the research labs, Collections, Herbarium Collection and prep space.

The eastern section of the building will house the Department Administrative Suite, Faculty Offices, and the Building Entry/Commons. This will allow a complete consolidation of the Department of Biological Sciences into one single facility. The department will move locations prior to the Fall 2018 semester.

Life Sciences Building