Department of Political Science

The Political Science Department at Sam Houston State University provides students with the knowledge of the theory, principles, and practice of politics at all levels of government; provides educational instruction that promotes strong critical thinking, clarity of thought, excellent communication, and sophisticated research skills; and prepares students for employment in the fields of business, government, interest groups, non-profit organizations, public relations, legal professions, policy institutes and teaching. In addition to classroom instruction, students are also offered extensive opportunities for hands-on learning, including study-abroad programs, internships, and exercises in event planning. In the past, students have studied in countries such as Italy and Mexico, obtained internships in government offices including Congressman Kevin Brady, State Representatives Lois Kolkhorst and Larry Taylor, the City of Huntsville, A.F.S.C.M.E., and the NAACP.

Whether you are a conventional student, fresh out of high school or a non-traditional student returning for more education there is a program for you in the Political Science department. We offer a Bachelors of Arts, (B.A.) or a Bachelors of Science, (B.S.) with specialties in American Government, International Relations and Foreign Policy, Comparative Government, Public Administration and Political Theory.

If you are interested in majoring in political science, please fill out the declaration of major form and bring it to the department so it can be signed by the department chair.