Sam Model United Nations


SMUN program is Sam Houston State University’s Model United Nations competitive program. It is supported by the Political Science Department and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The SMUN program is also an international relations course offered during the Spring semesters. The POLS 4081 Problem in Political Science: Model United Nations. This hybrid course provides an interactive environment encouraging students to study the world in the different aspects of political and international affairs while learning how to compete in the Model United Nations.


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Model United Nations (MUN) Student Delegation Program for the academic year 2023-2024. This prestigious opportunity allows dedicated students to immerse themselves in the world of international diplomacy and hone their leadership skills. If you are passionate about global issues, diplomacy, and eager to represent Sam Houston State University on the national stage, we invite you to apply for this program. Application form must be submitted electronically to Prof. Weng by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, October 6, 2023. A total of 12 student delegates will be accepted to this year’s SMUN program. Selected applicants will be contacted shortly after the submission deadline.


  • Must be in good academic standing (GPA > 3.0)
  • Must be enrolled in POLS 4081 Problem in Political Science: Model United Nations Online Course in Spring 2024 (the hybrid class will consist of two parts: the in-class session will be scheduled for Tuesday at 12:30 pm, whereas the online course will be scheduled for Thursday).
  • Attend all required training sessions and meet all deadlines (Dates TBD)
  • Serve as staff members for Model UN related events and activities during the 2023-2024 Academic Year. (Community service hours)
  • Must be able to travel with the SMUN program for the National MUN conference in NY City from April 1-5, 2024
  • Attach a copy of your resume with at least one letter of recommendation from a faculty member.
  • Attend an interview over zoom, if needed, the applicants will be contacted.


  • Have an enthusiastic and positive attitude
  • Be self-motivated and responsible
  • A willingness to develop or improve oral communication skills
  • Team Player
  • Be flexible
  • Enjoy communicating with people in a professional setting
  • Be willing to follow all rules and guidelines in the MUN contract


SMUN Faculty Advisor:
Prof. Dennis Weng (

2023-2024 Sam MUN Program Student Delegate Application Form