Department of Political Science

Undergraduate Course Rotation

PLEASE NOTE: This is the approximate rotation of undergraduate course offerings within the department. We make every effort to keep to this schedule, but it is always subject to change. In addition, the list below does not include courses offered at the SHSU Woodlands campus, and it does not include courses offered during the summer terms. (Both of these will be posted soon.)

Please check with the registrar's office and your advisor regarding specific offerings for upcoming semesters.

Level Fall Spring
2000 2305 American Government 2305 American Government
2306 Texas Government 2306 Texas Government
2305H Honors American Government 2306H Honors Texas Government
2305 American Government ONLINE 2305 American Government ONLINE
2306 Texas Government ONLINE 2306 Texas Government ONLINE
2305 EWCAT (as needed) 2306 EWCAT (as needed)
Level Fall Spring
3000 (Required for Majors) 3374 Statistics 3374 Statistics
3379 Research & Writing 3379 Research & Writing
3377 Political Theory 3378 American Political Thought
Level Fall Spring
3000/4000 (American, PA, Policy, and Theory) 3335 Ethnic Minorities & Gender 3331 Local Political Systems (odd years)
3336 Presidency 3332 State Political Systems (even years)
3364 Politics and Media 3334 Judicial Systems (odd years)
3366 Intro to Public Administration 3337 Congress (even years)
3338 Victims' Rights 3360 Parties and Interest Groups
3391 Government Organization (even years) 3339 Non-Profit Organizations
3393 Social Policy (odd years) 3392 Economic Policy (odd years)
4334 Constitutional Law I 3395 Environmental Policy (even years)
4372 Political Attitudes and Behavior 4335 Constitutional Law II
4338 Grant Writing (even years)
4377 Gender and Political Attitudes (odd years)
Level Fall Spring
3000/4000 (Int'l Relations and Comp. Politics) 3365 Comparative Politics 3368 Asian Politics (odd years)
3369 Religion and Politics 3370 W. European Politics (even years)
3380 Intro to International Relations 3374 Middle East Politics
3387 Latin American Politics 3381 American Foreign Policy
4384 International Conflict 3386 International Political Economy
4383 International Human Rights (odd years) 4385 Political Violence & Terrorism