Political Science Faculty & Staff

waggener Tamara Waggener ~ Department Chair (CV)

Interests: American Government; Gender and Race Politics; Research Methods.
CHSS 496 | 936-294-1466 | POL_TAW@shsu.edu
Kristin Kunz Ms. Kristin Trojacek ~ Assistant to the Chair
CHSS 496 | 936-294-1461 | kek014@shsu.edu
  Ms. Belinda Myers. ~ Administrative Associate II
CHSS 490A | 936-294-2658 | bmyers@shsu.edu
biles Robert E. Biles (CV)
Interests:  Latin American Politics; Ethnic & Gender Politics; Political Behavior; Inter-American Relations; Texas Politics
CHSS 479 | 936-294-1460 | gov_reb@shsu.edu
bittick Robin (Rob) Bittick (CV)
Interests:  Public Administration; US National Security; Political Philosophy
CHSS 483| 936-294-4105 | rmb004@shsu.edu
Brown Jonathan  N. Brown (CV)
Interests:International Conflict; Security Cooperation; Secrecy and Deception; National Security Intelligence; Autocratic Politics
CHSS 487 | 936-294-4478 | jnb047@shsu.edu
callaway Rhonda L. Callaway CV
Interests: Human Rights; Conflict and Terrorism; American Foreign Policy
CHSS 486 | 936-294-4108 | rhonda.callaway@shsu.edu
William William E. Carroll (CV)
Interests:  Comparative Politics; Western European Politics; Asian Politics; American Politics and Public Policy
CHSS | 496D | 936-294-1469 | pol_wec@shsu.edu
Fatih Fatih Demiroz (CV)
CHSS 476 | 936-294-4571 | demiroz@shsu.edu
John C. Domino John C. Domino (CV)
Interests:  Judicial Systems; Constitutional Law; Civil Rights & Liberties; The United States Supreme Court; Legal Philosophy
CHSS 475 | 936-294-1463 | pol_jcd@shsu.edu
Jason Jason Enia ~ Director, MA Program; Director, CDEM (CV)
Interests:  International Security; International Political Economy; International Disaster Politics; International Institutions
CHSS 496A | 936-294-1467 | jason.enia@shsu.edu
heather evans Heather Evans (CV)
Interests: Public Opinion, Political Participation, Political Communication, American Political Institutions
CHSS 488 | 936-294-3378 | hke002@shsu.edu
Haase - Website - 2017 Tom Haase (CV)
Interests: disaster and emergency management, the mergence and evolution of social and organizational networks, and comparative public administration
CHSS 489 | 936-294-1470 | twh024@shsu.edu
kazemzadeh Masoud Kazemzadeh (CV)
Interests: Comparative Politics; International Relations; Middle East Politics
CHSS 481 | 936-294-1462 | kazemzadeh@shsu.edu
mahoney Mitzi L. Mahoney (CV)
Interests: State and Local Politics; Parties and Interest Groups; Presidency
CHSS 487 | 936-294-1464 | POL_MLM@shsu.edu
McIntyre Kenneth McIntyre (CV)
Interests: Political Philosophy; the History of Political Theory; American Political Thought; the Philosophy of Law
CHSS 496C | 936-294-4676 | kbm014@shsu.edu
Eric Eric Svensen (CV)
Interests: Congress, the presidency, political parties, party ideologies, economic policy, conceptualization and measurement
CHSS 485 | 936-294-2577 | eps007@shsu.edu
Stacy Stacy Ulbig (CV)
Interests: American Politics; Political Behavior; Public Opinion; Parties and Interest Groups; Statistical Methods
CHSS 496E | 936-294-1468 | ulbig@shsu.edu
Wang Wen Jiun Wang (CV)
Interests: Decision making, Emergency Management, Organizational Behaviors, Knowledge Management, Network Governance, Research Methods
CHSS 496D | 936-294-1459 | wjwang@shsu.edu
Weng Lu-Chung Weng (CV)
Interests: Comparative Politics, Asian Politics (East and Southeast Asia), Political Psychology, Political Behavior, Public Opinion, and Social Science Research Methods.
CHSS 482 | 936-294-4721 | dennis.weng@shsu.edu
yawn Mike Yawn (CV)
Interests: Pre-Law; American Government; Political Behavior; Public Opinion; Media and Politics; Statistical Methods; Research Methods; Politics and Film
CHSS 477 | 936-294-1456 | mike.yawn@shsu.edu

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