Graduate Studies In Music Therapy

The Master's Program in Music Therapy

SHSU is currently not admitting new students for the Master of Music in Music Therapy at this time. Please check back later or contact the School of Music office if you have any questions.

The purpose of the Music Therapy Master's Program at SHSU is to provide students vast opportunity to develop: a) clinical knowledge/skills and advanced application of Music Therapy, b) independent research skills, and c) accomplished and comprehensive musicianship, within a rich musical, scholarly, and communicative environment. The Master's Degree Program offers several unique features that will make it one of the most distinctive programs of its kind in the nation. First the program is built upon an integrated model of Cognitive-Behavioral Music Therapy and Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT). The integrated program will advance knowledge and skills for clinical music therapy treatment based on analysis of individual's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical behaviors, and will utilize scientific evidence regarding human perception and production of music to treat illness and disability. Second, with more than one third of graduate courses focused on research, students will have many opportunities to develop research skills. Likewise, development of professional musicianship is facilitated through 30% of graduate course work in music studies. Lastly, the program will also provide the many resources available through other academic divisions of the University.

Eligibility for Graduate Degree Program in Music Therapy

Prospective students of Sam Houston's music therapy masters degree program are the music therapy graduates (with board eligibility) who would like to pursue an advanced degree or current board-certified music therapists who would like to enhance their understanding of advanced music therapy theories and improve their practice with solid research experience and accomplished musicianship.

Sam Houston's music therapy master's program will produce

  1. accomplished music therapists who are able to serve a wide range of patient populations with extensive clinical knowledge and experience,
  2. equipped researchers utilizing the scientific research model of music in therapy and medicine, and
  3. consummate promoters and marketers of music therapy. Therefore, upon graduation, music therapy students are eligible for a variety of employment opportunities such as:
    1. rehabilitation therapists for individuals in medical settings and psychiatric hospitals,
    2. researchers for medical centers or university hospitals,
    3. pediatric specialists/therapists in schools or treatment centers for children with developmental disorders, and
    4. private music therapists.


Audition information

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