Tripod's Thrift

Tripod's Thrift logo featuring an orange hanger

Tripod’s Thrift provides students the opportunity to shop for items such as personal care items, school supplies, and clothing for free!

We look forward to having you shop with us! Fall hours are Monday - Thursday 11 am - 5 pm. Learn more about donating here.

What You'll Find

While our inventory will change, students and employees can shop for

Personal Care Items


School Supplies

Much More!

Reba Bock Career Closet

Also located inside the thrift store is the Reba Bock Career Closet. When trying to find a job, first impressions matter and the career closet provides a wide variety of professional clothing for career fairs and job interviews. The Reba Bock Career Closet was established at SHSU to assist students in obtaining these often-expensive clothes, 100% free.

The closet began through the Reba Bock fellowship and the ultimate goal is to professionalize students across campus and give them opportunities to succeed no matter their financial background.

Is it really free?

Yes! Students are able to receive ten free items per semester. Please be sure to bring your SHSU Bearkat Onecard for verification of your university status. Since items are free, limits are displayed in store. Limits are based on product type and availability.