About Us


The College of Health Sciences collaborates with community and global partners to:

  •  Provide accessible student-centered education in the health professions for a diverse population of traditional and non-traditional students;
  •  Advance health science knowledge and evidence-based practice through scholarship; and
  •  Promote stewardship of individual and population health and quality of life in Texas, the nation and the world through evidence-based practices.


The College seeks to become an acknowledged leader in educating health science professionals.

Graduates will be prepared to succeed in their chosen health profession through mastery of the appropriate knowledge and skills, a well-developed sense of professionalism, and a strong commitment to promoting health and providing quality care.


The College of Health Sciences values innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit by encouraging, supporting, and recognizing students and faculty who propose and/or develop more effective products, processes, services, or technologies for the health sciences and higher education.

The resources supplied here provide many examples of the innovative people and practices in health and medicine, as well as in higher education. Sam Houston State University also operates a business incubator and small business development center for entrepreneurs to design and launch innovative businesses.

Individual and team pursuit of innovation begins with a goal of solving a problem.

Community Engagement

Sam Houston State University, through the Center for Academic Community Engagement, is recognized as a Carnegie Community Engaged campus, acknowledging the robust partnership that has been established between the University’s knowledge and resources and those of the public and private sectors that enriches scholarship, research, and creative activity; enhance curriculum, teaching and learning; prepares educated, engaged citizens; strengthens democratic values and civic responsibility; addresses critical societal issues; and contributes to the public good. 

The College of Health Sciences is proud to partner with the University’s Center for Academic Community Engagement and is committed to advocacy, support, and recognition of students and faculty who engage with the local, regional, national, and global communities of health professionals and organizations.

Global/International Health Education

Central to the College mission is that we live in a global community, with quality of life influenced by global conditions and trends. Sam Houston students are strongly encouraged to think and act globally and to consider opportunities for engaging in global/international health issues and practice through focused study, internships, and career pathways.