Student and Faculty Research

Research Grant Program

The College of Health Sciences (COHS) provides several competitive grants for faculty and students to carry out research, scholarship, and creative projects. These grants support faculty and students’ research endeavors from design through peer-reviewed dissemination (e.g., conference presentation, journal article, external grant submission). Annual appropriation of available funds depends on the number of applications received. COHS tenure-track faculty receive priority in fund allocations.

 The Associate Dean for Research and selected COHS faculty will review the grants and make final determinations for distribution of funding. All applicants will receive comments about their grant application within 30 days of the submission deadline.

 Grant proposals are treated as confidential and will only be shared with members of the COHS Research Committee. The Associate Dean of Research will retain copies of funded research proposals. Names and project titles of funded projects will be released to all COHS faculty and placed on the COHS website.

Available Grants

There are three grants available:

  1. Faculty Research and Creative Scholarship Grant – This grant provides support for the development and implementation of research and creative projects.
  2. Faculty Summer Grant – This grant will provide salary support during summer months for faculty to prepare a submission for external grant funding.
  3. Student Research and Travel Grant – This grant will provide funds needed for students to conduct a supervised research project or attend a conference to present their research.

*See individual grant details including eligibility, award, submission, and deadlines by clicking on the above links.

Scholarship Reporting

COHS wants to help promote your research. Faculty and students should complete the Research Personnel form after you have presented at a conference, had a paper, book, or book chapter published, or a grant successfully funded. We will use the information you provide on COHS social media to help promote your successes.

Research Work Groups

 Misery loves company, so let’s do our writing and research together. Connect with other COHS faculty for virtual research work time. These sessions are intended to help faculty schedule their research time and provide accountability with other faculty.  The PACE Center also offers interdisciplinary Writing Circles for faculty. Please feel free to join their groups as well.

Faculty Work Shops

COHS will be providing a series of virtual workshops throughout the year to help faculty knock down their research barriers. Workshops will vary in topics from research time management, writing skills, framing the research questions, statistics, utilizing university support services, grant writing, and positioning your paper for a journal to name a few.


To learn more about the COHS Research Community Team and Faculty Workshops, please reach out to Dr. Jennifer Bunn at