Arsalan Gharaveis

Arsalan Gharaveis

Adjunct Professor
Department of Human Sciences


MLHB 220

Curriculum Vitae


 Arsalan Gharaveis, AIA, Ph.D., NCARB, EDAC is a healthcare planner, designer, educator, and researcher. Gharaveis has more than a decade of experience in design and conducting research regarding the impact of the environment on behavior in both the United States and Middle Eastern countries. Also, Gharaveis has won recognition for his design and creative work on different projects including AIA Houston for designing the expansion of the University of Texas Medical Center in Austin, Junior Architects Award for Ahwaz library, and Gulf Countries Design for the Kuwait hospital.

After years of experience in designing and planning different facilities as a registered architect and interior designer, he started doing research in the area of evidence-based design. Gharaveis work brings together the possibilities of cutting-edge layout design with considerations of human behavior and environmental psychology. His academic research has been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals including Applied Ergonomics, Environment and Behavior, Indoor and Built Environment, Health Environments Research and Design, and Facilities. Also, Gharaveis has presented widely at different conferences on topics including visibility exploration, spaces syntax, safety, wayfinding, and environmental psychology in different healthcare and higher education facilities. After years of experience as an academic educator and researcher, Gharaveis left his academic position and joined healthcare design industry as a healthcare planner/designer in 2019 to bring all the ideas of evidence-based design to practice of architecture.