PLEASE NOTE: Students will be required to complete a General Application at Scholarships4Kats before being considered for any scholarship opportunities.


Our Department offers scholarships to superior undergraduate students in the Geology and Geography degree programs.

Scholarships are determined by a committee and awarded yearly. Amounts of award vary from year to year.
  • SHAGS Scholarship (Geology)
  • Brian J. Cooper Geology Scholarship
  • Cannan Geological Scholarship
  • John H. Bounds Geography Scholarship
  • Elton M. Scott Geography Scholarship
  • B. Cody Barron Geography Scholarship
  • C. Allen Williams Geography Scholarship
  • Gerald L. Holder Geography Scholarship
  • G. Scott and Mary S. McCarley Environmental Science Endowed Scholarship
  • Chuck Caughey Geoscience Scholarship Endowment (Geology)
  • Patrick Neal O'Bryant Scholarship (Environmental Science)

The following scholarship opportunities are available for graduate students:

COSET Graduate Achievement Scholarship

The College of Science and Engineering Technology (COSET) Graduate Achievement Scholarship is a $1000 competitive scholarship awarded to students demonstrating outstanding academic progress in a COSET master’s program.

To be considered for the COSET Graduate Achievement Scholarship, a student must be enrolled full-time in a master’s program in the College of Science and Engineering Technology and have an SHSU graduate GPA. Students in their first year of a COSET graduate program who have been awarded a graduate assistantship are not eligible for the scholarship.

Complete applications require:

  • a personal statement from the applicant describing their academic progress toward the degree, including planned graduation date, and progress on the thesis or capstone project (where applicable), and
  • a letter of evaluation from the applicant’s major advisor or graduate program coordinator describing the applicant’s progress toward the degree and overall performance in the graduate program.

Applicants must email their personal statement to Anne Gaillard ( with Graduate Achievement Scholarship in the subject line by 5:00 pm on the day of the deadline.

The letter of evaluation must be emailed directly from the applicant’s major advisor or graduate program coordinator to Anne Gaillard ( by 5:00 pm on the day of the deadline.

The application deadline for the Fall scholarship is July 1st, and the application deadline for the Spring scholarship is December 1st.


The GS General Scholarship is competitively awarded each semester of the academic year. Graduate students may apply every semester during their course of graduate study at SHSU and may receive the award more than once.

  • Scholarship Application Form