Undergraduate Scholarships 

The Biology Scholarship was established in 1973 and supports deserving students who are majoring in Biology or Biomedical Sciences.

The William (Bill) R. Brinkley Scholarship was established to honor Dr. William Brinkley, a distinguished graduate of Sam Houston State University and internationally recognized scientist, educator and public policy spokesperson.  He received his BS and MS degrees in Biology from SHSU.  He received international recognition and honors for his ground breaking work in the study of chromosomes and mitotic apparatus during cell division.  Dr. Brinkley retired from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston in 2011.

The Gregory and Mary Kay Crouch Endowed Scholarship was established by Mr. and Mrs. Crouch in 2017.  Mr. and Mrs. Crouch both attended SHSU and Mr. Crouch graduated with a BS in Biology.  After attending several other universities and obtaining MS degrees, Mr. and Mrs. Crouch founded Crouch Environmental Services, Inc. which specialized in the design and construction of wildlife habitat (wetlands mitigation) and biological surveys of state and federally listed threatened and endangered species.

The Dr. James DeShaw Endowed Scholarship was established in honor of Dr. James DeShaw for his 46 years of service (1970-2016) to SHSU as a teacher, mentor, researcher and scholar.  He was instrumental in establishing the first Biology Scholarship endowment in 1973 and continued to encourage the donation to and establishment of new scholarship endowments in the Department of Biological Sciences. 

The Everett Family Biology Endowed Scholarship was established by David and Laura Everett in 2021.  David and Laura met in a Biology class at SHSU and later married. David graduated with a B.S. in Biology and Laura graduated with a B.A.T. in Composite Science with a Biology emphasis.

The Dr. Harold F. Foerster Scholarship was established by his friends and co-workers to honor Dr. Foerster upon his retirement after 45 years of service (1963-2008) to SHSU. During his career as a teacher, Dr. Foerster taught over 3000 students in the subject of microbiology.

The James D. Long Biology Endowed Scholarship was established to honor Dr. Long for his contributions to Sam Houston State University and to the profession of biology as an educator, teacher and researcher.   As Department Director, he expanded the biology faculty from six to eighteen and established a diverse, modern biology curriculum.  During his forty years of service in the Department of Biological Sciences, Professor Long served as mentor and friend to hundreds of students.

The Emma Normand Biological Sciences Endowed Scholarship was established by George R. and Guadalupe Normand of Wimberley, Texas in memory of Professor Emma Normand, George Normand's aunt. Emma Normand began her teaching career at Trinity High School where she taught social studies. She met Mary Estill who convinced her to begin teaching at Sam Houston State Teachers College.  Ms. Normand began teaching at SHSU in 1922, in 1935 she was appointed Assistant Professor of Biology and Supervising Teacher of Science. She retired in 1965.  

The Patrick Neal O’Bryant Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established in memory of Patrick Neal O’Bryant by his parents, sister and brother.  Patrick was killed by a reckless driver while a student at SHSU. He was 21 years old and had a strong interest in the environment.

The Turner Biology/Environmental Science Endowed Scholarship was established in memory of A.C. and Myree Turner, by their sons, Bill and Roy, who both graduated from SHSU.

The David Warren-Hammack Memorial Scholarship Endowment was established to honor the memory of David Warren-Hammack who came to SHSU in Spring 2012 and quickly began his research career in plant biology under the guidance of Dr. Chris Randle. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree, David returned to SHSU for his master’s research on seed germination and micropropagation of cacti, which he successfully completed in 2019. He went on to a career as a lecturer in Biology at San Jacinto Community College. Dave was beloved by his colleagues and undergraduate students for his quick and quirky sense of humor, his enthusiasm for biology, and mostly for his kindness.

The James Patrick Weber Environmental Science Award was established to honor Pat Weber’s tireless effort on behalf of the health of the people of Huntsville and East Texas.  Pat Weber did not believe a changing environment had to be a deteriorating environment.

The Christopher M. Wilson Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Chris Wilson who came to SHSU in Fall 2009 and completed his MS degree under the guidance of Dr. Jerry Cook.  He was a dear friend to many faculty and students and is honored for his passion for, and dedication to biology.

The S. C. Wilson, Sr., Logan Wilson, and S.R. Warner Endowed Scholarship was established by the estate of S. Calhoun Wilson and Adelaide Holt Wilson in 1994. Samuel Calhoun Wilson received his Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Sam Houston Normal Institute in 1929 and was the Director of Agriculture at Sam Houston for 29 years.  Logan Wilson, retired president of the University of Texas, received his undergraduate degree from SHNI in 1926.  Dr. Seldon R. Warner joined the SHNI biology faculty in 1912 and was the first faculty member at Sam Houston to hold the Ph.D. degree.

The Everett Wilson Biology Scholarship was established in memory of Clarence Wilson, the donor’s father, Clarence Wilson, an Indiana farmer, encouraged his son, Everett, to leave the farm to further his education in college.  Everett Wilson earned a doctorate degree from Purdue University and retired in 2006 after 44 years at SHSU.


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