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All hospitals will be able to help you with a forensic exam and treatment.


The term sexual assault refers to sexual contact or behavior that occurs without explicit consent of the victim.

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Law enforcement will assist you as much or as little you ask. You are not required to report an incident to law enforcement.

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Sexual Assault Forensic Exam

You can stop, pause, or skip a step at any time during the exam. It is entirely your choice and won't cost you.

Avoid. Bathing, showering, using the restroom, changing clothes, combing hair, and cleaning up the area.

Hospital. Exams are performed at a hospital by a SANE nurse.

Immediate care. If you have injuries that need immediate attention, those will be taken care of first.

History. Similar to any doctor's visit, you will be asked about your medical history.

Exam. This part of the exam may be based on your specific experience. It may include a full body examination, similar to an athletic physical. It may also include taking samples of blood, urine, swabs of body surface areas, and sometimes hair samples. With your permission, they may also collect items of clothing, including undergarments.

Criminal Reporting. It is up to you whether you want to make a report to law enforcement. If you are a minor, the examiner may be obligated to report it.

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