Plan an Event

During the planning stage of an event, organizers should consider areas such as security, weather, fire, safety, and potential risks.

Planning Checklist

This checklist is not all inclusive, but a guideline to plan accordingly.

  • Submit a request for prohibited carry signage for the following types of events. Request must be made 90 days in advance of event.

    • Official athletic events
    • Any governmental meeting occurring on campus
    • Official grievance hearings for students and/or employees
    • University Interscholastic League (UIL) events

    Request Prohibited Concealed Carry Signage

  • Consider event security needs. The University Police Department offers this service at an additional cost.

    More about event security
  • Establish a chain of command so decisions can be relayed in a timely manner.
  • Establish a safety officer to work safety issues and monitor weather conditions. There are many services that can be utilized to track weather conditions. Here are a few sites to consider:


    Weather Bug,

    Weather Channel,

  • Understand Thunderstorm, Lightning, & High Winds procedures. We encourage you to review and bring the guide below to your event.

    Thunderstorm/Lightning/High Winds Guide
  • Establish a notification system so information can be relayed quickly to event workers and volunteers. Consider using radios and/or cell phones for event staff and document their numbers.
  • Establish who is responsible for making an emergency announcement. We encourage you to use the canned responses in the guide below.

    Emergency Announcements Guide
  • Brainstorm possible natural and human-caused emergencies. Consider the following:

    • Evacuation locations-routes. Pre-plan an evacuation route and discuss with event organizers-participants.
    • Shelter-in-place locations. Discuss possible locations with building managers to ensure they are available for use, the size will accommodate the estimated attendance, and access via key or card swipe.
  • Monitor KatSafe home page for warnings or emergencies that may require alterations or cancellations.

Organize a Committee

Major events may require a meeting with an event planning committee to discuss in greater detail safety, security, and risk detail (such as chain of command, communication procedures and emergency response). The committee may include representatives from:

  • Rec Sports
  • Risk Management and Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Facilities Management
  • Student Services
  • Health and Counseling Services
  • University Police Department (UPD), Fire, and EMS
  • Marketing and Communications
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