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Alcohol & Drugs

  • Nothing negates a college degree like a positive drug test.
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The Office of Health Promotion utilizes a multi-faceted approach to accomplish the goal of reducing irresponsible alcohol and drug use. Through our programs, we strive to educate students about the basics of alcohol and drug use and advocate for responsible use. We also manage programs which make it easier for students who choose to drink to be more responsible. Additionally, through collaboration with a variety of other departments on-campus, we offer programs that address the various contextual issues that play a role in alcohol and drug use.

Examples of Alcohol & Drug Programming include: Kats 4 Recovery, Recovery Month, SAFE Week, & the National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week.

Alcohol & Drug Policies



For ALCOHOL or DRUG OVERDOSE, contact EMS IMMEDIATELY! On campus, call 936-294-1000. Off-campus, dial 911.

Good SAM

Good SAM is SHSU's Good Samaritan program. Sometimes, when potentially harmful or dangerous situations occur that involve alcohol or drugs people may be reluctant to call for help. This is often because of a fear that they can face consequences for something they shouldn't have been doing. With the Good SAM program amnesty is guaranteed to anyone that is acting in the best interest of someone else. So, if you ever feel that the safety or well-being of someone else is in danger, don't hesitate to make the call!


The Sam Houston Alcohol Referral Program (SHARP) is a 6hr-long Alcohol Awareness course which may be required for breaches of the alcohol policy within SHSU Residence Life or Student Guidelines or mandated by a Judge for alcohol policy violations. SHARP is a state-approved program that utilizes the Alcohol Education Program for Minors curriculum from the Texas Department of State Health Services.


To register for an upcoming SHARP class, click here.

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