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Alcohol & Drugs

  • Nothing negates a college degree like a positive drug test.
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Student Wellness utilizes a multi-faceted approach to accomplish the goal of reducing irresponsible alcohol and drug use. Through our programs, we strive to educate students about the basics of alcohol and drug use and advocate for responsible use. We also manage programs which make it easier for students who choose to drink to be more responsible. Additionally, through collaboration with a variety of other departments on-campus, we offer programs that address the various contextual issues that play a role in alcohol and drug use.

3rd Millennium

Third Millennium

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3rd Millennium is an evidence-based online program that integrates personalized feedback using the individual’s responses and the eCHECKUP TO GO brief intervention tool. Individuals are guided through a personalized plan of action for making positive behavior changes, identifying protective behaviors to reduce use and negative consequences.

Alcohol & Drug Policies



For ALCOHOL or DRUG OVERDOSE, contact EMS IMMEDIATELY! On campus, call 936-294-1000. Off-campus, dial 911.

Be a Good SAM

The Be a Good SAM policy means that current SHSU students may be granted amnesty and avoid formal disciplinary action when they call for help during a suspected medical emergency related to illegal consumption of alcohol or drugs.

To be considered for amnesty, you must:

  1. Be the first person to call for help.
  2. Remain with the person and provide help as able until medical assistance arrives.
  3. Cooperate with emergency and/or law enforcement personnel on the scene.

A student who has followed the above protocol will be referred to the Dean of Students' Office to investigate the reported situation and determine if amnesty from disciplinary action will be granted. Students granted amnesty will still be required to participate in an educational component and will be referred to the Student Wellness office for this. If the student does not complete the required educational component, they will be referred back to the Dean of Students' Office for formal disciplinary action.

The Be a Good SAM policy only refers to on-campus disciplinary sanctions, not criminal penalties from law enforcement. For more information, see Texas 911 Lifeline legislation below.

Texas 911 Lifeline legislation allows for amnesty consideration for criminal citations for those seeking lifesaving medical attention in relation to the result of illegal action of possessing or consuming alcohol as a minor.

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