Student Health Insurance

SHSU offers an student insurance product through Aetna that students may enroll in by visiting the SHSU Academic HealthPlan site at for coverage, pricing and enrollment details.

This insurance product covers services at the Student Health Center at 100% with no co-pays or office visit fees. You may also use it any community medical office that accepts Aetna with traditional coverage criteria.

The Aetna Academic Heath Plan is the only insurance accepted at the SHC, otherwise we can provide you with a statement to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement of covered charges at your request.

The Aetna plan has two telemedicine offerings for access to both medical and mental health care as needed 7 days a week:

Mental Health - Peace of Mind       Medical - Student Care Happens Here

See what services the SHC has to offer and how they can help you maintain your health!

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