Student Health and Wellness Advisory Board

Mission Statement: 

To foster a connection between SHSU students and campus leadership to engage in impactful student health and wellness efforts. 

Purpose and Goals:

The Student Health and Wellness Advisory Board (SHWAB) will represent the Sam Houston State University student body as a liaison for student health and wellness initiatives at SHSU. The Board will advise on policy, programs, and assessments for the Student Health Center, Student Wellness, and Campus Recreation. Board members will make recommendations to leadership and work as collaborative partners to implement change and improvement strategies.

Please send us feedback on student health and wellness.


Photo of Erica Bumpurs

Jazzett Herrera


Major: Criminal Justice with minors in American Sign Language & Victim Studies
Classification: Junior
Fun Fact: My name is a combination of two names: Janette and Lizette.

Why SHWAB? I chose to be a board member so that I could help the Student Health and Wellness Center become a safe space for all students to turn to.

Photo of Greschen Yount

Anthony Timmons

Vice President

Major: Kinesiology (Pre-PT)
Classification: Senior
Fun Fact: I have given a Ted talk. 

Why SHWAB? Promote the health and wellness of my fellow students.

Photo of Shannon Edwards

Debra Balandran


Major: Public Health with a concentration in Health Education and Promotion
Classification: Graduate
Fun Fact: I'm left handed and have a mini farm!

Why SHWAB? As a graduate student, I choose to be a part of the Student Health and Wellness Advisory Board (SHWAB) because I want to help address the wellness needs of SHSU students, who often face high levels of stress related to demanding academic workloads and responsibilities. Serving on the board would allow me to advocate for services and policies that support SHSU students' health, wellness, and physical activities.

Board Members

Photo of Tom Hill

Alencio Graham

Board Member

Major: Psychology, Human Services
Classification: Senior
Fun Fact: I am a drag queen!

Why SHWAB? To be able to serve underserved communities on campus, and make positive changes in student mental health policy


Photo of Pam Stanosheck

Soraya Lema

Board Member

Major:Health Science and Psychology 
Fun Fact:I am a pharmacy technician and I work at the SHSU pharmacy

Why SHWAB? To better understand and support what my fellow students need here at SHSU

Photo of Rhonda

Taylor Ferrer-Mata

Board Member

Major: Public Health with a minor in Psychology 
Classification: Senior
Fun Fact: I graduate next semester!!

Why SHWAB? I choose to become a SHWAB member because I want to inform SHSU students, that there are several resources on campus that can help one's health and wellbeing. Those resources include: The Student Health Center, Student Wellness and Campus Recreation.

Photo of Sandy

Zene Taylor

Board Member 

Major: Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science
Classification: Sophmore
Fun Fact: I love to cook!

Why SHWAB? I think it’s a great way to help try and make a difference on campus. If I have the chance to help even one person, then that’s an accomplishment for me :)