SHC - Appointment Payment/Insurance

How to Pay

Each semester when you pay the SHC medical services fee you have pre-paid for your office visits for as many times as you need to visit the Health Center during that semester.

Additional charges that you may incur during your visit based on your condition are: Laboratory service charges, Pharmacy charges and any procedure or supply charges. Any services recommended that will be an additional cost will be discussed with you during your visit.

If you have questions regarding a charge for a particular service and would like to inquire before scheduling with us please contact the SHC at 936-294-1805 and we can discuss that with you.

The Student Health Center does not accept payment for charges. Any Health Center fees will be added to your MySam account and paid through the Bursar’s office. If you need a copy of your statement of charges or have questions about your charges we can provide that to you at the SHC.

Your fees will need to be paid as promptly as possible and will be required to be paid within the semester that they were incurred.


The Student Health Center does not require insurance to be seen. The only insurance billed by the SHC is the plan offered through the university which is an Aetna PPO Student Health Plan. All students who pay the per semester medical services fee have access to the Student Health Center with no co-pays or office visit fee.

In order to be eligible:

Additional benefits of Aetna PPO Student Health Plan:

Aetna PPO Student Health Plan covers 100% of medical expenses at the Student Health Center

To enroll in the Aetna PPO Student Health Plan click here. For more information, contact us at (936) 294-2549

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