How to Self-Schedule Your COVID-19 Vaccine

  1. Log into your patient portal with your SHSU credentials.

  2. Click on "Appts" (appointments) in the top toolbar.

    Screenshot of top toolbar in the patient portal. Features the links Home, Appts, Immunization, Insurance, and Patient Forms.
  3. Under "Search for Group Appointments?", Leave No Selected

    Screenshot of Search for Group Appointments dialog box. Search for group appointments is selected. Clinic is SHSU Student Health Center. Reason is COVID 19 Vaccine. Provider is COVID Vaccine. There is a submit button.
  4. Under "Reason", input "COVID 19 Vaccine".

  5. Click "Submit".

  6. Select an available appointment date from the calendar that appears.

    Screenshot of calendar of April with some dates displaying as black and some as red.
  7. Select a time for your appointment.

  8. Your appointment information and consent and screening form will appear on your "Home" screen in the patient portal.

    Screenshot of upcoming appointments box on the home screen of the patient portal.

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