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News and Updates

(Updates as of 3/8/2021)

3rd Annual CPT Rowdy Inman 5K Reminder: The Rowdy Inman 5K will take place on 13 March at 8am. Please come out and support this event in any capacity that you may be able to. Meet up place will be at the SHSU Clock Tower at the center of campus. 

RIP MSG Matthew Moates: It is with a heavy heart to announce that shortly after completing his tour at SHSU as a Military Science Instructor, MSG Moates passed away on 19 January. Please click here for more information about MSG Moates. 

SHSU ROTC Newsletter: Please click on the following links for the latest newsletter from the ROTC battalion: January and February newsletters. 

(Updates as of 1/4/2021)

We hope everyone had a great relaxing holiday break and are ready to start the new year with a bang, so mark your calendars! The ROTC will be hosting the 3rd Annual CPT Rowdy Inman 5K run on 13 March. This is event has been established to commemorate the sacrifice that Captain Inman and other other service members have made for this country's freedom. Please click here for details and we hope to see you there, or if you are not able to be there in person we hope you can support via a donation. 

(Updates as of 12/16/2020)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 2020 has been a different year for all of us, but as always we have made the best of it and have found ways to continue to support each other and the SHSU ROTC department. Like any other difficult task that we have all been given during our time in service, this will not be the one that breaks us! And certainly this will not be the last difficult task that we will have to overcome. So as always. Keep moving forward, one step in front of the other. Continue to check on each other and continue to rely on each other. From the whole MSAC leadership, Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year! 

SHSU ROTC End of Semester Newsletter:  You all will enjoy this month's newsletter. Please click here for the End of Semester Newsletter from the ROTC department. A noted highlight is CPT Hailey Morgan, who has been a great example of alumni giving back to better the program, as she has been very active in mentoring cadets. Hooah!

MSAC Board Meeting: Please click here for a copy of the meeting minutes from the MSAC board meeting conducted 5 Dec. Our club continues to gain members and influence at SHSU. Drive on!

Back in the saddle: BJ Shotwell '69, is flying again. Click here for an awesome news article! 

Scholarship Board Report: The Rowdy Inman Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by the Military Science Alumni Club, was awarded in the Fall 2020 semester by the same revised process used in the Spring semester, to continue addressing travel restrictions and meeting risks from the COVID-19 pandemic. The MSAC board asked LTC Contreras to nominate the top 5 cadets, and ask each to submit an essay on leadership, duty, and honor. LTC Contreras provided the cadet essays and his recommendations for the cadet ranking from personal observation of their performance.

An ad-hoc board was assembled from MSAC board members. The board members evaluated the essays and LTC Contreras’ recommendations to select the scholarship winners for Fall 2020. The $1,000 scholarship was awarded to Cadet Melissa Mize, and the $500 scholarship was awarded to Cadet Courtney Paulson. Congratulations to each of the cadets for their scholarship award, and their overall performance in the Military Science program. The scholarship board members were:

Richard Mills

Buddy McCaig

Larry Booth

Hal Werlein

John J Adams

(Updates as of 11/9/2020)

SHSU ROTC Mid-Semester Newsletter:  Please click here for Mid-semester Newsletter. These cadets do an outstanding  job with these newsletter so please make sure to check it out.

Scholarship Board Report (Spring): The Rowdy Inman Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by the Military Science Alumni Club, was awarded in the Spring 2020 semester by a revised process to accommodate the University’s decision to move all academic instruction to remote delivery, the state travel restrictions, and the overall risks of in-person gatherings due to the on-going pandemic. The MSAC board asked LTC Contreras to nominate the top 5 cadets, and ask each to submit an essay on leadership, duty, and honor. LTC Contreras provided the cadet essays and his recommendations for the cadet ranking from personal observation of their performance.

An ad-hoc board was assembled from MSAC board members. The board members evaluated the essays and LTC Contreras’ recommendations to select the scholarship winners for Spring 2020. The scholarship board members were:

Richard Mills

Buddy McCaig

Larry Booth

Hal Werlein

Bobby Penry

The $1,000 scholarship was awarded to MS 1 Cadet Melissa Mize, and the $500 scholarship was awarded to MS 3 Cadet Alejandro Rocha. Congratulations to each of the cadets for their scholarship award, and their overall performance in the Military Science program.

Scholarship Donations needed:  Speaking of scholarships, we are running low in some of the accounts. The SHSU Best Ranger is the lowest and needs some funds now. If you have the ability and desire to donate, please do so soon. Thank you for your continued support.

2021 Officers and Board Members: The slate of Officers and Board Member nominations were voted on by the voting members and unanimously approved. Click here to see the Board Member roster. 

(9/23/2020)- MSAC Special Statement

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The SHSU MSAC takes no position in regards to any particular candidate or political party.  We do, however, take a strong stand in defense of The Constitution of the United States, which we all have sworn an oath to defend.

The truth seems to be very hard to find these days and it is to the point that anything you hear or read of a political nature cannot be believed.  Although lies and deception by both domestic and foreign sources are nothing new to politics, those of us that have been through these cycles many times will agree that the coming election is unlike anything we have ever seen before, with both major candidates vowing to take the country in opposite directions.  Many of us believe that the stakes have never been higher.

The Constitution of the United States is the foundation of our freedoms and way of life. If we elect people, or more accurately, through our inaction, allow people to be elected who view the Constitution as an obstacle to the accomplishment of their goals, we will lose our way of life.  If we lose The Constitution, we lose America.

For these reasons, we are encouraging MSAC members to step away from petty partisan politics that are intended to divide people against each other, carefully parsed election rhetoric, misinformation from domestic and foreign sources, and take an objective look at the actions of the candidates and the parties.  Then, using your own critical thinking skills, decide who you believe will be the best defender of The Constitution, and then VOTE in accordance with your oath to defend The Constitution of the United States.  God Bless America.

Rich Mills ‘74, President MSAC                                                   Robert Penry ‘75, Vice-President MSAC

Albert McCaig ‘72, Secretary MSAC                                           Hal Werlein ’72, Board Member

John Barfoot ’78, Board Member                                               John Adams ’73, Board Member

H. Ross Asher ’74, Board Member                                             James Dinkins ’68, Board Member

Gonzalo Correa ’06, Board Member                                          Randy Underwood ’73, Board Member

Larry Booth ’73, Board Member                                                 Bill Hutcheson ’73, Board Member

Neri G. Terry ’76, Board Member

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

(Updates as of 2/11/2020)

MSAC 2020 Get Together 29 Feb: If you haven't RSVP'd yet for the get together and meeting on 29 FEB it is not too late! Please consider attending. The Alumni Association is providing all of the food. We need to have a good attendance. Please click here for flyer with information. When you read it you will notice that the first 25 to RSVP will get free lodging, courtesy of the SHSU Alumni Association. Others will only have a minimal $30 charge for lodging, and I am told that the facilities will sleep 150 to 200. This promises to be a fun and informal gathering, and a chance to see old friends and meet new ones. Please pass this info to others. BBQ is covered also. The flyer does mention an RSVP deadline for 2/10 but we have extended the deadline so come on out!

RIP Darrell Wayne McCraken: Darrel McCraken passed away on on December 24, 2019. Please see click here for more information.   

RIP Franklin Gee '56:  Franklin Dee Gee passed away on August 2, 2019. Please click here for more information. 

RIP Paul Peter Mendes '67: Paul Peter Mendes passed away on August 21, 2019. Please click here for more information.

2020 ROTC Spring Calendar:  Please click here for all of the events happening this spring with the SHSU ROTC Department. 

Rowdy Inman Memorial Scholarship Board- Warning Order: The Military Science department has requested that we schedule the Spring 2020 scholarship board for 17 April. A call for volunteers will be published in mid-March to ask for volunteers to interview the nominees and select the scholarship recipients.  Please check your calendars and consider being a board member when the time comes. Also,  please consider this a good time to make a financial contribution to the scholarship fund. 

(Updates as of 11/27/2019)

SHSU Inaugural Branch Day Reminder: The MSAC will be supporting the first ever Branch Day in which the cadets will hear from each of the branches which will allow them to select the branch in which they will be serving. Please click here for details. 

MSAC Officer and Board Nominations: Its is that time again. We are accepting nominations for open Board Positions for 2020. Please let us know if you would like to serve on the MSAC Board of Directors or would like to nominate someone else to serve. Please click here for list of proposed and open positions.  

2nd Annual Rowdy Inman Memorial 5K:  A reminder of the upcoming event which will be held the morning of 7 DEC. Volunteers are requested to help with the tables or to participate in the 5K. Click here for event flyer and here for sponsorship opportunities. Please contact CDT Abraham for questions at

Save The Date..29 FEB 20: You asked for it; you get it! Get together with old friends and make new ones 29 February 2020, in Riverside, Texas. MSAC has secured the Country Campus in Riverside for an all day and evening get together. Tell each other stories while enjoying barbecue, drinks, and fun. Very casual, country atmosphere. Overnight accommodations that will remind you of good times at Grafenwoehr or Camp Casey, (but better than Fire Base Sally). Cost will be very reasonable with more details to follow. Make your plans now. Be there!

ROTC November Newsletters: Check out the ROTC November newsletter, this is another really great update from the cadets. 

CG Reunion 2020:  ATTENTION ALL CGs, HUTCHESON'S RANGERS AND SCHUDER'S RANGERS- WARNING ORDER. "The Big One" Reunion is being planned by Greg Fox '84 and several accomplices. This will tentatively be held at the 3 Oil Tanks (3OT) in the fall of 2020. Make plans and gather up your buddies. All CGs, Hutcheson's Rangers, and Schuder's Rangers are invited. 

MSAC Scholarship Board Report: The Fall MSAC Scholarship Board was held on 11/1/19. Please click here for report.

(Updates as of 10/11/2019)

Homecoming Football Game: Homecoming will be October 19 and just like last year, the MSAC will cook for the cadets at the football tailgate. If you can volunteer to help, please contact Rich Mills as

SHSU Inaugural Branch Day is 6 DEC: This is the first of its kind at SHSU. This event is an opportunity for cadets that are about to select branches to talk to SHSU Active Duty Alumni that are currently in those branches. Click here for details.  

2nd Annual Rowdy Inman Memorial 5K: This event will be held the morning of 7 DEC. Volunteers are requested to help with the tables or to participate in the 5K. Click here for event flyer and here for sponsorship opportunities. Please contact CDT Abraham for questions at

Alumni Connections: Gonzalo Correa '06 smoked 100 pounds of pork for the cadet tailgate on 7 SEP. SHSU won the game 77-0. Coincidence?

ROTC Newsletters for September and October: Check out the September and October newsletters, they have a lot of great information. These cadets are putting out a real professional looking and informative newsletter. 

(Updates as of 9/1/2019)

RIP Robert M. Senter '54: One of the members of the first class commissioned through Sam Houston passed recently. Please see the attached obituary

RIP Thomas William (Billy) Mahns '57: Please click on link for obituary.

RIP John Burnett (Bootsie) Yost '57: Please click on link for obituary.

Heritage Profiles: We have uploaded another batch of 68 profiles for this September update. CDT Morrow is coordinating the profiles for people that commissioned from 2000 forward. She is relentless, so if she is asking you for your profile, just go ahead and do it. For you older members, we encourage you to get your profile in while you are on the green side of the grass. Otherwise, you won't have any say about what is said about you. As of September 1st, we have uploaded 538 profiles to our Heritage Page. Please go check it out!

(Updates as of 8/1/2019)

Branch Day: LTC Contreras has tentatively scheduled 6 DEC as Branch Day for the Bearkat Battalion. The intent is to have active duty CPTs that are SHSU Alumni present to talk "Branch" with Advanced Course Cadets in preparation for Branch Selection. If you are close to fitting that description and would like to participate, please contact LTC Contreras at

2nd Annual Rowdy Inman 5K: The 2nd Annual Rowdy Inman 5K will he held on 7 DEC (the day after Branch Day). Proceeds from the run go to the Rowdy Inman Memorial Scholarship Fund. Last year's run netted $500 for the scholarship. Come on and have a good time. If you can't run, help man some of the tables.

CALLING ALL SCHUDERS RANGERS & CG's!: Your help is needed in getting Congress and the Senate to pass legislation to award a Congressional Gold Medal, collectively, to the United States Army Rangers Veterans of World War II in recognition of their extraordinary service during World War II. Mr. Ron Hudnell, of the WWII Ranger and Descendants Assoc was the driving force in getting our Ranger Raymond Schuder inducted into the US Army Ranger Hall of Fame in 2016. Ron has put the following website (Cgm Wwiirangerstool kit together with sample letters, phone call, etc. to help you push your local Representative and Senator to vote for this legislation. The bills have bi-partisan support, but had failed in previous attempts. We hope that, when passed, the Congressional Gold Medal for SSG Raymond Schuder would be on display at the HEARTS Museum in Huntsville.

New Photos: There were several hundred new photos added to the Online Museum recently. Go check them out! There were a few from the 70's and 80's, but mostly from 2012 through 2019. The folder was reorganized, so the view count started over.

Heritage Profiles: We have a bunch more to upload soon. If you haven't sent one in yet, or if you want to add or change your profile, please send them in as soon as possible. Don't be bashful. Please see the click on this profile for an example of what we do with the information. 

(Updates as of 7/1/2019)

MSAC Board Meeting- We conducted our board meeting on June 22. Please find the minutes to the meeting here. 

RIP Honorable Bennie C. Boles '56 - Judge Boles passed away in May. Please click here for obituary.  

ROTC Newsletter- The last newsletter for the 2019 school year has been published. Please click here for a copy of the newsletter. 

Scholarship Board Report- The Spring 2019 Rowdy Inman Scholarship board was conducted on 15 April 2019 at the SHSU Military Science Department. The board members were: Allen Hahn (President), Jimmy Dinkins, and Todd Platzner. The board interviewed 6 cadets nominated by the cadre. All of the cadets were good and very evenly matched. The final decision was a difficult choice for the board members, and rested on the cadet with the best leadership challenge and their response. MS I Cadet Julie Trejo was selected as the scholarship recipient, for taking on the responsibility of herding the MS I's with no prior military experience. She worked to keep the new cadets focused and brought in upper classmen to help, hopefully establishing a plan for future structure within the Corps of cadets. The Fall 2019 scholarship board call for volunteers will be published in late September or early October when the board date is established after the semester starts.

Mentorship Program Upgrades- We started a mentorship program with the ROTC Department several years ago. Since then we have been building on the original efforts and LTC Contreras is seeing some benefit and opportunities to expand the program. We have been exploring ideas now and intend to continue to discuss ways to improve the program. If you have any suggestions or ideas please let us know by email at

(Updates as of 6/1/2019)

MSAC Board Meeting- We will have our next board meeting on 22 June at the house of BG (R) Mills. The Mills homestead is located at 20506 Bent Oak Lane, Damon, TX. Please contact BG Mills directly if you plan to attend at  As always, we encourage full participation to these board meetings by all members so that your voice(s) can be heard. 

RIP Russel J. Maziaka - COL Maziaka '73, passed away on 15 May, 2019. Please click here for profile. 

H.E.A.R.T.S Memorial Day Service and Reception- The HEARTS Veterans Museum hosted a Memorial Day Service with a followed reception for our MSAC president, BG (R) Richard Mills, who also was the keynote speaker for the event. 

RIP Dr. Charles D. Goodwin '95- Dr. Charles D. Goodwin passed away on January 11, 2019. He was born October 7, 1933 and was a resident of Flowery Branch, GA. Dr. Goodwin graduated and was commissioned from Sam Houston State in 1955. He later earned a doctor of Theology degree. He was an educator and authored several books. He was a very pleasant man to talk to, fondly remembering his days at Sam Houston. 

In Remembrance of our SHSU ROTC Alumni- The following is a list of known Sam Houston ROTC alumni that were KIA, POW/MIA, or killed in the line of duty.

  • Farris Gene McMicken class of 1958- Line of Duty
  • Jerry Roe class of 1964- POW/MIA
  • Thomas Sharp class of 1965- KIA RVN
  • David Isbell class of 1965- KIA RVN
  • Jim Ferguson class of 1972- Line of Duty
  • Alfred Habelman class of 1977- KIA (contractor) Iraq
  • Rowdy Inman class of 2000- KIA Iraq
  • William Densberger (cadre)- Line of Duty 

Get to know our MSAC Members- Our featured MSAC member for the month of May is COL (R) Russell J. Maziarka '73. COL Maziarka passed away on 15 May 2019.  

(Updates as of 5/2/2019)

Remembering Thomas B Sharp- Thomas B. Sharp '65, was killed in action in Vietnam on 25 April, 1967. Click here for profile. 

RIP MG Charles Miller - MG Miller '67, passed away on 14 April, 2019. Please click here for profile. 

Get to know our MSAC Members- Our featured MSAC member for the month of May is COL James (Jim) DeOre '94

(Updates as of 4/1/2019)

Updated profiles and more- We have updated and added just over 200 new profiles in the Heritage Project tab. Please go check it out!

Get to know our MSAC Members- We will begin featuring members of our MSAC group in the front page of our website each month. This will help us to get to know each other better (hopefully).  Our featured MSAC member for the month of April is our club president, BG (R) Rich Mills '74.

SHSU ROTC Newsletter Feb/Mar- The Bearkat Battalion has published the latest newsletter. Please click here for attachment. This month's newsletter features the Joint SHSU, PVAM, SFA FTX, and the 26 miles Bataan Death March that the Battalion took part in. 

White House Veteran Help Line 1-855-948-2311- (This is a forward from Al Fampmeier '65) If you have a complaint that you cannot solve at the local level or by the VA IG, you can call the White House Vet at 1-855-948-2311 and they will work it and inform you of the results. This is not part of the VA system, but a new channel provided by POTUS Trump to speed up the backlog of VA complaints. 

Battle of the Valley of TearsSee below photo of LTC (R) Mike McWheter (cadre), and Dough Mangold ('76) when they visited the site of the Battle of the Valley of Tears that took place during the Yom Kippur War. For those not familiar, this was one of the most decisive armored battles in history when a greatly outnumbered Israeli tank unit soundly defeated a surprise attack of Syrian tanks, destroying approximately 500 Soviet built tanks in Golan Heights. Mike became friends with the Israeli BN Commander when they were at G&GSC. 

Doug and Mike

(Updates as of 2/11/2019)

Updated profiles and more- We have updated and added several hundred new profiles in the Heritage Project tab. Please go check it out!

SHSU ROTC Newsletter Jan/Feb- The Bearkat Battalion has published the latest newsletter. Please click here for attachment. 

Class of '56- Please see below photo. We could use some help with identifying those in the photo. If you can help please let us know at

1955 or 56 Summer Camp

(Updates as of 12/10/2018)

The Inaugural CPT Rowdy Inman Memorial 5K- The run is scheduled for 26 JAN 2019 to start at Bowers Stadium at 0930 hours. This run is being put on by the Cadets of the Bearkat BN. and they can really use some ground support from MSAC members. If you can be in the area and can help, please contact CDT Caitlin Arrigali at Please see below for information and sponsorship opportunities. Proceeds go towards cadet scholarships.

Rowdy Inman Memorial 5K Flyer

Sponsorship Flyer

RIP Gerald Dax Pummill- LTC Dax Pummill passed away on 22 March 2018. Please find obituary Below. 

Gerald Dax Pummill Obituary

Fall 2018 Rowdy Inman Scholarship Board- The board was conducted on 16 November at the SHSU Military Science Department building. The board members consisted of Allen Hahn '96 (board president), Jim Pfeil '65, Todd Platzner '81, and John Jones '80. The board interviewed 6 impressive cadets: two each from the MS I, MS II, and MS III classes. The final decision was a difficult choice for the board members, but MS III Cadet Oscar Edo-Terradas was selected as the scholarship recipient. The Spring 2019 scholarship board call for volunteers will be published when the board date is established after the first of the year. Thanks to all of the MSAC members who conducted the board.

2019 MSAC Officer and Board Election Results- Results are in. The 2019 Nominations  were approved by the voting members. See  below the nomination sheet for the list of Officers and Board Members for 2019. You are encouraged to throw your name into the hat next year.

Officer and Board Election Results 

Online Museum updates-  We have loaded a lot more photos to our online museum in the 90s and Lowman Riles Reunion folders. The online museum has also been rearranged in a way that makes more sense and easier to navigate.  Check it out here.

October Board Meeting - The board of director met on October 27th and you can find below a copy of the minutes from the meeting. We encourage all members to attend these meetings to voice your opinions/concerns. 

October 2018 Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes 

Where Are They Now / Heritage Page- This website is our new substitute for the Contact Lists that we used to send out. We continue to find alumni who were not previously on any list (we didn't even have lists for some class years). Unfortunately, we can only update the lists and profiles about every 3 months, so if we have been in touch and you don't see your name on the list, it will get there on our next update to the files. If anyone has any suggestions on how we can do that better, please sound off.

Alumni Connections- The 2018 Homecoming Tailgate has come and gone, and all had a good time from all accounts. We had well over 20 (and maybe more) MSAC members there from the classes of '67 through 2007.

(Updates as of 10/15/2018)

RIP Cecil Neely '57- BG Cecil Neely passed away in June 2018. Although he was not commissioned through the ROTC at Sam Houston, he started in 1953 when ROTC was compulsory. Like many others have done, he left before graduating and enlisted in the Army. Please clink link for detail. 

SHSU ROTC Newsletters - See what is going on with the Corps. LTC Contreras is including in each of the newsletters a "Blast from the Past" article. Please click on each of the months for the Newsletter:



Alumni Connections - On 8 September members of the MSAC cooked the food for the ROTC tailgate. The cook team was led by Gonzalo Correa '06, and included Bryan Harrelson '07, Todd Platzner '81, and Buddy McCaig '72. Reports were that the food was excellent! In addition, members of the MSAC cooked food for the ROTC's FTX on September 23rd. The cook team was also led by Gonzalo Correa '06, and included Gerald Stoermer '06, Todd Platzner '81, Buddy McCaig '72 and Hal Werlein '72.  Sharp object objects were employed during both of these events but no casualties were reported. 

Veterans Day Banquet- The HEARTS Veterans Museum will be hosting a Veterans Day Banquet. Click link for information.

MSAC Board Meeting 27 OCT- The fall board meeting will be held at 0700 on 27 OCT (SHSU's Homecoming) at Denny's in Huntsville. The address is 3016 W. 11th St. We will be eating breakfast (individual checks). Y'all come out if you are in the area that day. We do not have stuffy, formal board meetings, so if you have something you would like to say, come and say it. 

(Updates as of 9/1/2018)

Congratulations to 1LT Bobby Martin '14- 

1LT Martin took the title of Best Junior Officer in the USAREUR Best Warrior Competition. Also best of luck when he competes in the Department of the Army Competition to be held late September. Please click link for details. 

RIP Louis M. (Pee Wee) Klement '57-  Please see attached obituary.

RIP James D. (Jim) Mewbourn '57-  Please see attached obituary.

(Updates as of 8/21/2018)

Mark your calendars (help needed)

8 Sep: Gonzalo Correa '06 will be in charge of cooking and feeding the cadets for the first home game of the season. He is going to need some help, so anyone that can make it please contact Gonzalo directly at

23 Sep: MSAC is cooking lunch in the field for all the cadets and cadre at Gibbs Ranch on 23 September. Rich and Buddy plan to be there to do the cooking. We need some good grill-masters to come out and help. This will not be an all night brisket cook, but we will start chickens, sausage and other quicker fare on Sunday morning. We do need more than just a couple of us. Come on out, spend some time and effort and let's have a good time. Let us know if you will be able to come out and help cook. If you want to spend Saturday walking lanes with the cadets, let Rich know so he can coordinate that with LTC Contreras. Volunteers either reply to this email, or contact Rich ( or Buddy ( directly.

27 Oct: MSAC will do the entire tailgate for the SHSU football game on 27 October. We need 10 to 12 volunteers to help cook. We have committed to do this and it will take some effort. We do not have to buy anything as all supplies will be provided, but we do need some workers to come out and work the tailgate. Volunteers please email us at

SHSU Distinguished Alumni: 

Congratulations to Tom Freeman '58 on being named SHSU Distinguished Alumni! Tom was the Corps Commander in 1958 and joins at least 17 other ROTC graduates who have been named as Distinguished Alumni. 

For Aviators:

SHSU ROTC graduate Allen Hahn '96 is the founder of an organization called the "Apache Warriors Foundation." Please click here for information

Contact lists

We have accounted for 954 alumni and cadre so far, and we know of over 1000 alumni left to track down. We have gleaned all of the names that we could get from the yearbooks. The problem is that for the "Big Corps" years prior to 1965, no names were provided in the yearbooks for the rank and file members of the companies. How you can help. For folks from 1965 and before, please send us names and approximate class years of people that you remember. We have no other way of getting that information other than from you. Please email

RIP Therman L. (Snoopy) Campbell '63

Therman (Snoopy) passed away on August 12, 2018. He was a Lowman Rifle, pilot, and Vietnam veteran. Please see attached obituary

RIP Melvyn I. (Mel) Glick '71

We were informed by his son that Mel passed away last Sunday, August 5, 2018. No obituary has been published yet. Mel was a Counterguerilla during his time at the Bearkat Battalion. You will be missed brother! 

(Updates as of 8/1/2018)

Nominations for Officers and Board of Directors:

We have several board positions that will be coming open, and a couple of Officer positions. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for one of these positions, please email us at Nominations deadlines will be posted at a later date.

Online Museum:

There have been several hundred photos and articles added to our online museum showcasing the Counter Guerrilla, Lowman Rifles, Ranger Company and many more exciting things! There will be many more photos coming as we can get them rounded up and prepared. Do not be bashful. Send us your photos here, and check out or Online Museum now!

SHSU Marksmanship Team:

MSAC Alumni Hal Werlein '72 is supporting the SHSU Marksmanship Team by donating the use of some of his property north of Trinity,TX to build a private pistol range and a 300 meter, 5 or 6 station rifle range for the use of the team. The range is to include a building of approximately 30' X 30' for an office/ training room for the team. Maintenance and operation of the range and facility will be the responsibility of the team members and the range is for the use by the team only since the team has the trained instructors, range, and safety officers. The SHSU Marksmanship Team is open to both Cadets and civilians. Any of you folks with marksmanship experience that would like to assist in this effort should contact Hal directly at 832-473-0042 or

Authors and books written by our Alumni:

Charles D. Jones 63’

  • Chopper Blues
  • Bear Went Over the Mountain (Charles D. Jones and Ding Viet Luc)
  • Honey Bucket Charlie

Albert M. McCaig ‘72

  • Praying with Passion

Rodney Smith ’75 – Author is willing to autograph any book to MSAC members!

  • Scout Force
  • First Command
  • Where the Stars and Few and Far Between
  • All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic
  • Like Seed Cast on Fertile Ground

Wolfgang Peter May ‘65

  • The War around us 

Bill Murff ‘58           

  • The Bill Murff Story

Gerald Stoermer '06

  •  Planet Storm

SHSU ROTC Cadre Departures:

The MSAC is sadden by the departure of three of our most active cadre supporters, but are excited to see them take on new adventures. MAJ Wiesman left for Ft. Knox, CPT Troy Yard left in April, and LTC Mark Davis left in May 2018. They have been instrumental in building the MSAC membership and have been very active supporters and partners in our Heritage Project. Thank you gentlemen for all your contribution and we wish them all best wishes in their future endeavors.