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"Our mission is to provide scholarship, financial, and leadership support to the Military Science Department at the University, working closely with the Professors of Military Science, the Military Science Cadre, and the student members of the Bearkat Battalion."

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Get to know our MSAC Members

Robert Roy Hazelwood '60:

MAJ Hazelwood

Roy was born in Pocatello, Idaho on March 4, 1938. Roy graduated from Sam Houston State Teachers College (SHSTC) and was commissioned in 1960. He served 11 years in the U.S. Army, obtaining the rank of major. He also served 22 years in the FBI, 16 of which were in the Behavioral Science Unit at the FBI Academy. He held a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and a master’s degree in Counseling and Guidance, with a one-year fellowship in forensic medicine. During Roy’s time in the Bureau, he consulted on the Bosnia War crimes and lectured in all 50 states and throughout Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. Roy has written several books and articles and contributed to textbooks. He also testified as an expert witness in civil and criminal trials in city, state and federal courts, as well as committees of the U.S. Senate, U.S. House and Presidential Commission.

Roy was a member of the Hope Presbyterian Church of Spotsylvania, where he had held the office of elder and deacon and had taught several Bible studies and Sunday school classes. He was known for visiting the shut-ins and the hospital patients of his church. Roy also served on several church committees. He gave talks and provided consult to Empowerhouse and helped counsel young students towards the field of criminal justice. Roy was well-respected in the community, having worked with the criminal justice system and mental health organizations.

Roy served as a faculty member of the FBI Academy and the U.S. Army Military Police CID School. He received numerous awards from academic, mental health and law enforcement communities. Roy was awarded the “Distinguished Alumni” from Sam Houston State University, and in 2005, he was inducted into the Sigma Chi Fraternity Hall of Fame and recognized as a “Significant Sig” in 2002. Roy was twice awarded the prestigious “Thomas Jefferson Award” for research from the University of Virginia and had also appeared on numerous TV programs.

Roy’s favorite vacation was sitting in a beach chair with a book and a cup of tea and enjoying the ocean’s surf. In his spare time, he liked to read, sit in the sun, watch cowboy shows on TV and cheer on his favorite team, the Washington Nationals. Sometimes he liked to watch the Dallas Cowboys, but since he was surrounded by Redskins’ fans, he watched in silence.

Roy died peacefully doing something he really loved to do, napping in the sun, on Monday, April 18, 2016.

About The MSAC

The Military Science Alumni Club (MSAC) officially came into being on July 26, 2013, when the Alumni Association Board of Directors approved the charter petition for the club. Made up primarily of former military officers, all having been in the Army ROTC Program at Sam Houston State University, the club is open to anyone who completed at least one semester of the military science curriculum at the University, is a spouse of someone who has done so, or has been recognized by the club for his or her military science education or participation during their lifetime. 

The primary mission of the Military Science Club is to provide scholarship, financial, and leadership support to the Military Science Department of the University, working closely with the Professor of Military Science, the Military Science cadre, and the student members of the Bearkat Battalion. Informally formed several years ago, the group has provided scholarships to deserving cadets each semester for more than a decade. The scholarship is named after Army Captain Rowdy J. Inman, Class of 2000, who was killed in Iraq in 2007, while leading his men in combat. Captain Inman was the first Military Science graduate of Sam Houston killed in the War on Terror. 

There is a social side to the new club as it brings together so many old friends from times past who met at Sam Houston and developed life-long friendships and associations based on the shared experiences of the Bearkat Corps of Cadets, student life at the University and their military experiences. Periodically, the group gathers informally to share memories and catch up with one another, family and friends. 

The Military Science Alumni Club is literally international in its reach, with members currently living throughout the Unites States, Central and Eastern Europe, and in other parts of the world. The club leadership is dedicated to growing the club into a significant, contributing member of the Alumni Association. 

Anyone interested in helping support the Bearkat Battalion by joining MSAC can email the club directly at Those already associated with the regional clubs of the Alumni Association are encouraged to associate with the Military Science Alumni Club as no additional dues are required. 

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