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"Our mission is to provide scholarship, financial, and leadership support to the Military Science Department at the University, working closely with the Professors of Military Science, the Military Science Cadre, and the student members of the Bearkat Battalion."

Scholarship Funding Opportunity

The Military Science Alumni Club, through its members and other donations, support three separate awards to deserving cadets of the BearKat Battalion. Details of each scholarships and awards can be found below.

The primary scholarship sponsored  by the MSAC is named after Army Captain Rowdy J. Inman, Class of 2000, who was killed in Iraq 2007, while leading his men in combat. Captain Inman was the first Military Science graduate of Sam Houston State killed in the War on Terror. The CPT Rowdy J. Inman Memorial Scholarship provides for two, $1,000.00 scholarships, one in the Spring and on in the Fall semesters, to deserving cadets. Selection in made through a Scholarship Board comprised of three members of MSAC along with the Professor of Military Science or his designee. The award is presented at the Spring and Fall Military Science awards ceremonies. Click on the link below to donate to the CPT Rowdy J. Inman Memorial Scholarship. 

CPT Inman CPT Rowdy J. Inman

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The award for the Schuder's Best Ranger is presented in the Spring semester of each year, and consists of a $500.00 scholarship as well as a Gerber Mark II fighting knife and commemorative plaque. Originally formed in the Corps of Cadets in 1963 as the Counter-Guerrilla Company, Schuder's Rangers is the legacy organization of that initial group. SSG Raymond "Jack" Schuder, former adviser to Schuder's Rangers Company, was inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame at Fort Benning, Georgia. Schuder served as the adviser to the Ranger Company form 1985-1996, until he passed away. The award honors the Schuder's Ranger tradition, which is an extracurricular activity that extends far above and beyond the normal ROTC requirements. Click on the link below to donate to the Schuder's Best Ranger Award.

SSG Schuder SSG Raymond "Jack" Schuder

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The award for SHSU Best Ranger is presented in the Fall semester of each year, and consists of a $500.00 scholarship, a Gerber Mark II fighting knife and commemorative plaque. This award is presented to the top qualifying individual participating in the annual ROTC Ranger Challenge event held at Fort Hood, Texas. Each year, teams from university ROTC programs across the region compete for the coveted title of Best Ranger Team, and Best Ranger Individual. The 9-member cadet teams are pushed to their limits and tested on their skills during each of the five main events. The top qualifying cadet from SHSU is presented with this award. Click on the link below to donate to the SHSU Best Ranger Award. 

2017 Ranger Challenge SHSU Ranger in action at the 2017 Ranger Challenge

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Instructions for Online Giving Form

  • Enter the amount you are donating in the “Gift Amount” field.
  • In the Gift Designation field, pick “Scholarships” from the drop down menu.  
  • In the “Other” field, put “Captain Rowdy J. Inman Memorial Scholarship, Schuder's Best Ranger Award, or SHSU Best Ranger Award” in the box and “Military Science Alumni Club” underneath.  
  • If desired, enter the appropriate name in the “Gift should be recognized as a gift from” field.
  • Under the “Personal Information” section, you must select at least one category for the “Connection to SHSU” field (e.g. Alumni).
  • Click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. This will direct you to a confirmation page, then to the SHSU Shopping Cart to enter the payment information (credit card or account debit). Note that no convenience fee is charged for a credit card donation.

 Instructions for Printable Form

If you prefer to send a check then pick the Printable form option.  

  • Print the form.  
  • Check “Student Scholarships” in the “Designate My Gift To” field, to the below options
    • CPT Rowdy J. Inman Memorial Scholarship
    • Schuder's Best Ranger Award
    • SHSU Best Ranger Award
  • Please also write your selected scholarship/award's name in the memo block on the check.  
  • Mail the form in with your check to the address at the bottom of the form.  

If you are interested in affiliating with the Military Science Alumni Club, the requirements are easy. If you were ever enrolled in a Military Science course at Sam, or are a spouse of someone who was, or are a supporter of the ROTC program, you are eligible to affiliate, even if you are affiliated with one of the other regional or specialty alumni clubs in the Alumni Association. Feel free to contact the Club’s membership director, Larry Booth, at, for more information.