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Qualtrics offers a variety of template surveys and has an intuitive creation process. You can share surveys with others to collaborate and receive feedback. There are also many ways to distribute surveys including anonymous or tracked responses.

Get Started

To access Qualtrics, visit https://shsu.co1.qualtrics.com/. If you have not previously logged into Qualtrics, select that you need to create an account and the system will automatically log you in using your SHSU credentials.


Once your account is created, take a look at the variety of template surveys that are available to you or create your own!

Once you have created your survey, share it with others to collaborate or ask for feedback. Then, to meet the goal of your survey, you can set it to have anonymous or tracked responses.

Survey Suggestions

A few tips for developing an effective survey include:

  • Have a specific objective in mind that the survey will address
  • Make the survey convenient
  • Only ask questions that will help with the survey objective
  • Short as possible, less is better
  • No more than 10 questions
  • Avoid confusing questions