Qualtrics - SSO Authentication

Anyone who creates a Qualtrics survey can turn on SSO Authentication and Data Capture. SSO Authentication requires a user to enter their SHSU credentials so that they can be authenticated as SHSU affiliated. Data Capture can join an authenticated survey-taker’s first name, last name, and/or email address to their response in Qualtrics.

By enabling Data Capture you no longer have to worry about a user mis-keying these basic, directory details saving you valuable time in vetting and cleaning these fields before additional data joins and analysis. This reduces the burden on the survey-taker to provide information that you the survey designer or analyst may already have access to (e.g. Last Name, First Name and email) and freeing up space for additional questions or prompts that you might have excluded due to survey length. Furthermore, it makes it possible to avoid spamming people with survey reminders if they have already completed your survey.

We recommend notifying the survey-taker that their first & last name and/or their email address are being collected before they are asked to complete the SSO authentication. We also recommend that you provide the survey-taker with a brief explanation about why this information is being collected and how it will be used.

Follow the instructions below to enable SSO Authentication and Data Capture on your Qualtrics Survey.

  • Enable SSO Authentication

    You can enable SSO Authentication without enabling Data Capture. To do so:

    1. While in the survey, navigate to Survey flow. It is the second icon on the left side panel of the window.

    1_Select Survey Flow

    2. Select +Add a New Element Here. (*Note – The user will be required to complete SSO Authentication at the point in the survey where the authentication block is placed. We recommend placing it at the end since it will redirect to SSO Authentication. This will also allow you to capture partial responses from users who opt out of SSO Authentication.)

    2_Add new Element

    3. Select Authenticator.

    2_Select Authenticator

    4. Select SSO in the Authentication Type dropdown.
    5. Deselect Associate Respondent With Panel.
    6. Click Apply in the bottom right side of the window.


    After publishing your survey, the new changes will take effect. Your survey will now request SSO Authentication but will not include any Data Capture.

  • Include Data Capture with SSO Authentication

    To include Data Capture in addition to your SSO Authentication, follow these additional steps. (*Note – You must enable SSO Authentication to turn on Data Capture.)

    1. Select Capture respondent identifying info.
    2. Select Shibboleth in the SSO Type dropdown.

    5_Select SSO Type

    3. Click Add Embedded Data.

    6_Select Add Embedded Data

    4. Three fields can be captured – Last Name, First Name, and Email. Use the first box to write the name of the field you wish to capture (*Note – Do not change the name of this field after you have published your survey!). Use the second box to input the urn code for that field. Urn code is always the same. If you wish to capture more than one field or you wish to remove a field from capture, use the "-" and “+” buttons.

    • Last Name = urn:oid:
    • First Name = urn:oid:
    • Email = urn:oid:

    5. Click Apply in the bottom right side of the window.

    7_Enter Embedded Data Info

    After publishing your survey, the new changes will take effect. Your survey will now request SSO Authentication and capture the data that you specified.