Qualtrics - Question Options

Qualtrics provides many options for the types, flow and display of questions

  • Question Type

    The default question type is multiple choice. To change the questions type, click the Multiple Choice button on the right panel of the project, and select the question type option you wantTo see an example of the question type, simply scroll over the option and an example will be displayed. 


    Once a question type is selected, the question and answer options, if needed, can be added. 

    Creating Question

  • Adding Questions

    There are a few options to add questions to your project.  

    To create a question with a different question type than the previous question, select the +Create a New Question button.  

    To add a question of the same type, select the plus (+) sign at the end on the selected question. 

    Adding Questions

  • Question Responses

    The answer options will vary based on the type of question used.  

    Options include:  

    • Number of options provided  
    • Number of items that can be selected 
    • Position of the answers, and more 

    For some questions, automatic response options can be generated. When the question type is selection, the answer options will change depending on the type of question selected. Examples of different options are listed. 

    Answer Options