Consulting & Training

IT@Sam offers the following consulting and training services to help you work efficiently and effectively!


Business Process Analysis. Includes mapping out processes, identifying obstacles, assessing resources, and recommending solutions to eliminate inefficiencies in your business process. This service is available upon request, but must be prioritized by your division liaison.

Construction Plan Review. Includes review of technical drawings with detailed responses regarding issues and concerns.

Construction Inspection. Includes physical walkthroughs by appriopriate teams to ensure compliance and compatibility.

Event Support. Includes technology inspection, setup, and onsite assistance for official university events and conferences.

Research. Includes support of the institution's research activities such as specialized storage, data services, software, hardware, and user research.

Room Design. Includes review and recommendation of audio/visual equipment to meet your needs based on room size and layout.


Training. Includes personalized trainings for an individual or department. Available in-person or virtually upon request.

Campus Technology Training Program. Includes standardize, readily-available trainings for existing products on campus. Scheduled monthly, but also available in-person or virtually upon request.

Technology Tutorial. Includes online instructions for products supported and services offered by IT@Sam.

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