Communication & Phone

IT@Sam routinely adds and updates systems to help you stay informed and connected. We're happy to help with the following services.


Video Conferencing. Includes Teams and Zoom for teaching, learning, and working.

Digitial Signage. Incudes access to UC View to create your own digital signage setup.

ListServ. Includes creating a mailing list that automatically distributes an email from one member of a list to all other members on that list.

Two-Way Radio. Includes communication options for service areas and in emergencies.

Emergency Notification Equipment. Includes equipment and support of mass or targeted notification in the event of an emergency.

Cable TV. Includes installation and billing of cable TV service.


Phone. Includes setting up and updating phones and their settings.

Call Center. Includes creating and maintaining call centers for areas that receive a large volume of calls.

Voicemail. Includes accessing and updating voicemail settings.

Caller ID. Includes updating the name that displays to people you call.

Extension Moves. Includes moving phone numbers between phones without physically moving them.

Learn how to...

Transfer or Forward Calls

Use Computer for Calls

Subscribe to Mailing List

Check Voicemail

Video Conference