General operating hours for the campus are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. It is the policy of the University that other than during normal working hours, all buildings shall be locked unless a scheduled program or activity is in progress. All buildings, offices, and classrooms are to be locked when they are not occupied.

Request Key and/or Card Access

All key and card request are processed through SamWeb and are issued for the purpose of conducting University business only. If you need both card access and a physical key, you will need to submit separate requests.

Card Access

Your BearKat OneCard is your key. The card is ready to use once you receive the confirmation email. Employees will use their card for after hours access. If your card doesn’t work, you will need to contact the BearKat OneCard office.

Request Access BearKat OneCard

Physical Keys

The employee will receive an email once the key is ready for pick-up. Employees will need to drive to Facilities Customer Service to obtain and return their key.

Request Access Get Directions

Lost or Stolen? If your card is lost or stolen, call the BearKat OneCard office immediately for deactivation of the card. A lost or stolen key charge will be assessed to any employee or student worker who loses or has a key stolen. If the key is stolen, you must contact the University Police Department at 936.294.1800. Once the key has been paid for, replacement keys can be obtained by forwarding a copy of the paid invoice to Facilities Management Customer Service.

Request Building Schedule Change

If needing to request a change to the electronic locking/unlocking schedule for a building, you will need to submit a work order through FAMIS with the required information below:

  • Start date and end date (if applicable) for the revised schedule
  • Identify which doors this change applies to, note exterior or interior doors (room #’s if applicable)

If hosting an after-hours event in which you need the schedule for the electronically controlled doors temporarily changed, you will need to submit a work order through FAMIS with the required information listed below:

  • Event name
  • # of attendees
  • Emergency contact name/phone number
  • Custodial presence required (additional fee)

For after-hours events, Facilities Management’s custodial staff nor UPD will lock/unlock doors which require a physical key after hours. The event host must coordinate with the Building Liaison prior to the event if a physical key is needed to secure the building. An Access Services Technician can provide this service for a fee if scheduled prior to the event.

Submit Work Request

Residence Hall Access

Residents will use their BearKat OneCard to gain access to their assigned hall. If you lose your ID, you must contact the Residence Life, your RA, and/or BearKat OneCard office to deactivate your card. For more details, visit Residence Life.