University Policies

The university policies referenced below are to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, clarify institutional expectations, promote operational efficiencies, reduce institutional risk, and enhance the mission of Sam Houston State University (SHSU). Each student should be fully acquainted with all published university policies. The university will hold each student responsible for compliance with these published policies. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of policies, and compliance to all SHSU and Texas State University System (TSUS) policies is a requirement.

Academic Dishonesty

Academic Grievance

Administrative Policies

Be a Good SAM

Concealed Carry

Finance & Operations Policies

Human Resources Dispute Resolution and Formal Grievance

Human Resources Employee Relations and Discipline

Integrated Marketing & Communications

Non-Academic Grievance

Non-Discrimination Policy

Posting & Distribution Policy

Research & Sponsored Programs

Residence Life Student Handbook

SHSU Honor Code

SHSU IT Policies 

Student Affairs Policies

Student Charges and Payment Policy

Student Organization Policy

TSUS Sexual Misconduct Policy & Procedures

Texas State University System Rules & Regulations

University Advancement Policies